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Elected representatives dont want transparency

Cape Gazette of Lewes, Delaware

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I attended the recent committee meeting for HB 86, repeal of Delaware Cap and Trade. The arrogance that was demonstrated by our elected leaders was unbelievable. This is some of what I witnessed during the dog and pony show by our elected representatives. Several had left the room for extended periods of time, while others whispered among themselves; one actually listened to his phone message while we had the floor and generally showed how much they really cared about their constituents having a say in the increase expense to their electric bill.

Here is another example of their arrogance. David Stevenson mentioned that Dover Downs could possibly see an increase in their electric bill by $130, 000 a year. A conversation between the committee members stated that Dover Downs could afford it, that they made so much money that $130, 000 is a drop in the bucket to

them and they wouldn't even miss it! Really! I see eight to 10 jobs lost. The governor had encouraged them to not let the bill out of committee and after not even pretending to pay attention and just going through the motions, Rep. Williams quickly tabled the vote and they called it a day. A poll of Democratic voters in the committee's district showed that 2-1 supported the repeal of RGGI, or Cap and Trade. If the citizens of Delaware truly understood the cost of this program and how their money is being wasted, they would be shocked.

These representatives have shown that they do not want transparency and will not listen to the people of Delaware. They need to be replaced next year: Rep. John Kowalko, Rep. De-bra Hefferman, Rep. Mike Mulrooney, Rep. Quinton Johnson, Rep. Dennis E. Williams.

Original Publication Date: May 27, 2011

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