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New look to MISD board

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Voters OK bond in Athens

MALAKOFF - The Malakoff ISD school board had a very different look when it met Tuesday night.

First there were two new board members: Jason Dalrymple and Daymon Sims. Dalrymple garnered the most support in the board election over the weekend with 199 votes. Sims was second with 142. Billy Sparks had 108 votes and Duane Smith 50 to round out the field.

But that's not the only reason the school board looked different. Tuesday's meeting saw new superintendent and still high school principal Randy Perry at the front table for the first time.

And that's still not all. Gary Woolverton took over as the new board president after the annual reorganization. He was appointed by acclaim, meaning no one else was nominated.

It is Woolverton's first time to be board president.

"It's an honor. I look forward to serving as board president," said Woolverton Tuesday night. "I will be diligent and give it my best effort. I believe we've got a good group of people here to work with and that is going to make it a lot easier."

Woolverton knows Malakoff ISD will face challenges in the next year because of budget cuts in Austin.

"Everyone knows what we are facing," he said,"we are going into it with our eyes wide open. I've got confidence in our administrators and our board that we are going to make it through this all right."

Board members Dr. Pat Smith was named vice president and Belinda Brownlow secretary during the board reorganization, both also by acclaim.

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In the Trinidad ISD election, Karen New-some garnered the most votes, 121, in her unopposed run for a 1-year unfinished term.

Earning three-year terms at TISD were Ricky Stanfield and Dennis Parker, with 94 and 87 votes respectively. The other candidate running was Roosevelt Womack, Jr., who picked up 61 votes.

At Athens ISD, Steve McElhany was returned to his school board seat unopposed, while Alicia Elliott beat Tilo Galvan for the other open seat. But the big news at AISD was voter approval of the $6, 525 million bond, 1, 489-689.

With the $6, 525 million, the district plans to add classrooms to Bel Air Elementary' School, expand the library and cafeteria at the campus, and extend the road leading to the campus in order to relieve traffic, which backs up to FM 59 when parents pickup or drop off students. According to school officials, the campus was originally built to house about 300 students, but now holds nearly 600 with the help of portable buildings. They say the cafeteria and library, built for half the number of students, are straining under the load.

The Bel Air construction will take up about $4.5 million of the bond. The other $2 million will be used on maintenance projects around the district, including replacing roofs on three buildings.

The project will be funded through Quality School Construction Bonds (QSCB), which are part of a federal program that provides interest free financing for school building projects. Basically the program allows for the interest on the bond to be paid for with federal stimulus money.

With voter approval in hand, school board members were expected to start the project rolling this week by beginning the search for a construction manager.

Original Publication Date: May 20, 2011

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