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County clean up day on May 18 includes free access to landfills

The Aberdeen Times of Aberdeen, Idaho

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A county-wide clean up day will be held in Bingham County on Saturday, May 18. Residents of Bingham County will not be charged for household waste, sometimes called Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or Construction & Demolition (C&D) for the one day.

Saturday's (May 18) free clean up day is open for county residents only and not extended to commercial businesses and/or haulers.

All three sites—Aberdeen Landfill (2559W 1800S), Rattlesnake Landfill (1316 E. Wolverine Road) and the Moreland Solid Waste Central Transfer Station (690 W. Highway 26) — will open at 8 a.m. and close at 5 p.m.

The following items are free of disposal fees all year long: tree branches - under 10 inches in diameter; household appliances (washer, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, |ir conditioning units, ovens, ranges, and hot water heaters); vehicle batteries; vehicle tires without rims; metal-various; roadside litter - if families, individuals, groups or organizations want to assist by picking up litter, the litter can be taken to the landfills, or the transfer station at no cost to the residents. If you plan on performing a civic roadside clean up activity you can call for assistance in receiving some trash bags at 782-3860 or 782-3867.

The following waste items will have the disposal fees waived during "County Clean Up Day": water based paint - paint in five gallon containers or less will be accepted. It is advisable to pre-dry the paints. Open the can several days in advance to help dry the paints. The drying process is quickly advanced if floor dry or kitty litter is added to the paint and stirred in; motor oil - used motor, transmission, or hydraulic oil can be brought to the transfer station or landfills. Containers will be at the three sites for oil. If you have large volumes of oil call in advance.; anti-freeze -there are containers for used or Old anti-freeze at all three locations.; tires with rims; construction and demolition (C&D) - The county's waste disposal permits for the two county landfills (Rattlesnake and Aberdeen) is very limited.

The county cannot bury at its landfills the following waste: household garbage, food, clothing, liquids, chemicals, furniture, carpets, carpet pads, refrigerators, items that have mercury in them, such as thermostats, thermometers, ballasts from florescent lights, florescent tubes, tires, and asbestos.

The landfill disposal permits are restricted to only the following items: cardboard - broken down, dirt, electrical wiring, fiberglass insulation, window glass, grass clippings, insulation; blue board etc., insulation - non-asbestos, leaves, linoleum, lumber, metal wire, paint cans - dried, plaster, PVC, hard construction plastics, plywood and similar material, posts, roofing paper, scrap metal, sheet rock, shingles, siding, tile, tree limbs, vinyl fencing, vinyl flooring, windows and frames, wood - untreated.

Recycling - The contractor at the Central Transfer Station in cooperation with Bingham County is working to reduce the amount of recyclable waste going to the landfills.

Currently the county is introducing a limited recycling program which is currently available only at the Central Transfer Station, at no additional cost to county residents.

Recycled items - At the Moreland Solid Waste Transfer Station only, there will be recycling bins made available for the following items: vehicle batteries, cardboard, metal, plastic beverage/liquid containers, leaves/grass. (These items will need to be separated prior to transporting to the transfer station).

The City of Blackfoot is participating in the cleanup project and will be accepting the aforementioned household solid waste at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds on May 18, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The city will be using the Oak Street fairgrounds entrance to receive household solid waste and will have bins and dumpsters available for the residents of the community. A trailer will be available for tires, and other items that need to be disposed of.

For questions concerning the cleanup call 782-3867, 782-3870 or 782-3860 - David Babbitt, director, Bingham County Public Works Department.

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Original Publication Date: May 8, 2013

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