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Many city projects moving forward

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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Present: Mayor Spelman, council members Moore, Wilde and Mencer. DeOle Priddy was absent.

The Council approved a Fair Housing Month resolution and the Gem Grant Application.

Discussing a 2013 Arbor Day Proclamation & Arbor Day Grant, the Council decided further discussion is needed, as planting trees in the park would remove needed space for other activities.

Mayor Spelman reported that flood prevention work is ongoing. More drainpipe will be purchased, and will be installed as city workers can get to it.

Work on formulating a burn ordinance is moving forward slowly but surely, and is still a ways off, as many factors must be studied.

The exhaust fan at Double D Custom Meats has been replaced. Volunteers will be remodeling Jake Howard's Home to ADA standards.

Crestline Engineers will proceed with a final accuracy report on aerial mapping the town. North Commercial Avenue needs to be a wider corridor to allow for the drainage system. This is being checked into by the city and the engineers involved. The new engineers must be brought on board to go forward, and a special city council meeting is in the works to do so. A letter will be sent to the Idaho Department of Lands on the gravel pit to supply gravel for the avenue.

Becky Goehring with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality presented the city with their clean water award - otherwise known as the Source Water Protection Award - for completing a Source Water Protection Plan. Only about 10% of cities in Idaho have a Source Water Protection Plan that has been approved and certified by DEQ/Idaho.

The Council decided outsourcing Payroll and purchasing a time clock would be a waste of money for our small town.

Final evaluations on a merit pay increase for city employees will be completed as soon as possible.

A committee will interview Crestline Engineers and TD&H Engineering Services to decide which will be the city's next engineer.

The Council allotted $750 to install auto faucets and to paint the Dorsey Warr Memorial Park Restrooms.

The Municipal Sign Company will be providing the new stop and speed limit signs. They provided a price quote of $4, 100, which is covered by the LHRIP sign grant.

Tools needed by the city shop were approved for purchase at $177.98 from C&M Lumber. A new pipe & line locator for $797 was also approved, as the old one retired itself by ceasing to work.

The city is looking for people to attend grant training at Kamiah. Only one person from New Meadows has stepped forward, and two more are needed. Anyone interested should contact Mac at City Hall.

Marsha Shriver asked if water could be "banked" for summer use. This issue has been discussed before, and is still a priority issue to the Mayor. It may or may not be on the next meetings agenda.

The meeting adjourned at 9:27 PM.

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Original Publication Date: March 13, 2013

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