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East Fork Bridge will be completed soon

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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Adams County Commissioners Meeting

Lt. Ryan Zollman presented the Sheriff Department plans for upgrading the panel that controls most functions in the jail and the Sheriff's area of the Courthouse. The new plan allows for funding the work over five phases and will allow the department to match revenues with the costs for upgrading the equipment. Phase one will be completed by September 30 and will involve installation of new camera equipment throughout the jail. The Adams County Commissioners felt that the five phases would allow the County to use funds from either the PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) funds or the Capital Improvement Fund, which is funded by a judgment against the original contractor of the building. Lt. Zollman admitted that the current equipment had not been maintained on a regular basis, but the new equipment will be. Celeste Chrest, Supervisor of the 911 Call Center, will be relocating out of the county next month. Chrest has built a team of 911 operators who have worked together for quite a long time, and her leadership will be missed. Lt. Zollman also reported to the Commissioners that his Department had conducted a local drug raid that has resulted in two arrests and the confiscation of several marijuana plants. The jail has 23 State of Idaho prisoners this week.

Packer John Cabin Park, located east of New Meadows, was the topic of a long discussion over whether to grant access to a local landowner through the park. Dean Dryden and his wife told the Commissioners that they have a court-ordered access to their land for emergencies only through the Goose Creek Subdivision, but they would like to have primary access through the Park grounds. Commissioner Chairman Bill Brown is opposed to giving up any rights to county owned properties and particularly to having people use park grounds for access to their property. The Commissioners told the Drydens that they will have to submit their plans for the adjacent land through the County's Planning and Zoning Commission as a subdivision before any other options for access can be considered.

Prosecuting Attorney Myron Gabbard helped the County unravel ownership of a six-acre parcel located on Mesa Hill that had been seized in a drug raid. Income from the property must only be used for drug related expenditures, but the County has had to accept the property subject to at least three prior liens against it. The property will now go off the property tax rolls until it can be sold. The property has not been legally split from the original ten-acre parcel, and that will need to be done before it can be sold. Local Forest Rangers Greg Lesch and Kim Pearson reported to the Commissioners on current projects in their districts. A fourth fire was burning on Midvale Hill, and appears to have been started by careless use of fire. Ranger Lesch said that current predictions are for at least thirty days of continued hot and dry weather, which will keep the fire danger high throughout the area. Ranger Lesch also reported that the East Fork bridge will be completed in the next two weeks, which will allow travel off Highway 95 up the East Fork of the Weiser River for the first time in several years. Ranger Pearson reported that thirty-three projects have been submitted for RAC funding this year and will be competing for the $800,000 available for funding in 2013.

Ranger Pearson said that her department has slowed down the process for opening an additional thirteen miles of snowmobile trails located within Adams County. Commissioner Mike Paradis reminded Pearson that current forest service policy will not allow any net increase in mileage for snowmobiling and that an increase in Adams County will mean that Valley County must give up those miles.

Ranger Lesch said that the Forest Service will open the bids for improving Cottonwood Road next week. The Service has budgeted over $600,000 for improvements to that road.

In other business, Shirley Atteberry persuaded the Commissioners to write a letter of support to the Washington County Commissioners in favor of keeping public access along Cow Creek Road where it passes into Adams County. County Engineer Trevor Howard reported that FEMA will probably not fund the new road construction along Wilson Road located above the new Goodrich Creek bridge. FEMA had committed verbally to $125,000 in funding for that project, but now has raised the bar to the point that the County cannot satisfy them for funding. Local resident Pete Johnston requested that the County consider a. proposal to create a public parking lot on the ground located behind the Extension Office in Council. The Commissioners will take the matter under advisement as a way to improve the use of the vacant parcel.

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Original Publication Date: August 29, 2012

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