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Sue Falk is leading the Arthur Area Tourism Council (AATC) in the process of accepting applications and conducting the interviews to fill that position. See the ad in this week's Graphic-Clarion.

We have experienced strong and positive responses from the businesses throughout the Arthur Area to fund this position and expenses. Needless to say we are very excited to find this person to begin their duties on May 1, 2014.

We have a great need for someone to promote the entire Arthur Area to visitors and potential visitors to our area. We have a lot to offer tourists, visitors, customers, and friends who spend time with us. Many Arthur Area businesses will benefit from having a full-time tourism director working for us. Electronic Sign

We want to clarify some points concerning the purchase of this sign. Here are the facts. No tax dollars were used in any way to purchase, install or operate this sign. It will be an informational sign only, which means no graphics or pictures.

The sign was purchased by the Arthur Community Foundation and will be operated by the Arthur Area Association of Commerce. TIF Approval

At their regular meeting on Monday, March 3, the Village of Arthur Board of Trustees approved a 23-year Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District for the village.

This will be one of the most important decisions the village board has made. The TIF District will, when used properly, provide the Village of Arthur a very strong economic tool to continue to drive the economy for the entire Arthur Area.

By law the TIF District must be owned by a local governing organisation, and in many communities that turns out to be the village or city administration. We commend Mayor Matt Ber-nius and the entire village board for their foresight in establishing this TIF District for the future growth of the Arthur Area.

Community Development Coordinator's Office

With the establishment and ultimate hiring of a full-time tourism director, the of-, fice for the community development coordinator (CDC) must move.

It appears the "new" office of the CDC will be located at 206 South Vine Street. It is our intent to remain "downtown," and the board of directors for the Arthur Area Economic Development Corporation has decided that is the best location at this time. Proffress Pronertv

The former Progress Business Center building located at 400 E. Progress Street has been purchased by E-Z Trail, Inc. They plan to use the building and/or space to continue to expand to meet the manufacturing needs of E-Z Trail and E-Z Tech.

This transaction, along with others, now makes about 90 percent of the former Progress Industries buildings functional and productive. Businesses using that space are GDS Enterprises, Masterbrand Cabinets, Arthur Custom Tank, Mid-State Tank, E-Z Trail, and E-Z Tech.

The development and growth of the TIF District should be a big "boost" to the continued development of this area. Due to the use of the glazed tile during construction, these buildings have been able to exist for a long time. Maintaining the roofs and doorways are the major challenges at this time.

The "re-birth" of the entire Progress Industries area is another example of everyone in the Arthur Area working together to continue to "Grow In Arthur."

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Original Publication Date: March 12, 2014

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