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Supervisor Thrall recognizes a county need and pays for it

The Chester Progressive of Chester, California

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Community leader uses her own money to help Almanor Rec Center

First it was a camera for the county boardroom and now it's Wi-Fi for the Almanor Rec Center. When Supervisor Sherrie Thrall identifies a need, she reaches for her checkbook.

"Financially I'm in a good position to give back to the community," Thrall said.

Historically Plumas County supervisors had discretionary funds that allowed them to pay for special needs within their districts. Local events, 4-H groups and other organizations benefited from the supervisors' ability to assist with costs.

"Our discretionary funds went away during budget cuts," Thrall said.

But that doesn't mean that the need did as well.

To help offset the loss, the supervisors allowed community groups to use county facilities at no charge, which helped in some instances.

But the recreation center had other needs.

"More and more people are using it and they want to do presentations, but they need Wi-Fi," Thrall said. She offered to pay for the installation and a year of monthly service, which averages about $60 per month.

The cost of the camera to air Board of Supervisors' meetings is approximately $700. Thrall had advocated for live streaming of the board of supervisors' meetings and purchased the camera to make it possible.

"Plumas County needs to come into the modern age," Thrall said of her push for live coverage. "People need to know who they're voting for. Who are they? How do they act?"

The equipment is on back order, but is expected to be installed sometime this month.

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Original Publication Date: January 15, 2014

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