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'Everyone's a leader'

DeWitt Era-Enterprise of DeWitt, Arkansas

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Mouser speaks to Chamber banquet

"Everybody is a leader to somebody." "Everybody can be 'the best' at something, at least for a short time."

That was the message guest speaker Rosalind Mouser told attendees at the annual DeWitt Chamber of Commerce banquet last Thursday night.

Tailoring her speech to the banquet's "Best of DeWitt" theme, Mouser said a person who was "the best" was the person who knew how to be a leader.

'The best leaders are great followers," said Mouser, a former president of the Arkansas Bar Association, told the audience. "You have to be a follower before you can be a leader. Great leaders convince people to follow them. A great leader works as hard as the least of [his or her| followers."

Another key part of being a great leader, Mouser said, is "remembering that a great leader is part of the team he leads.

"When you are a leader — of a city, a church group or another organization, remember to say to yourself: 'I may be the leader, but the team is what is important.

"Great leaders must remember that is not all about us — it's about pushing for what we have signed on to do."

The most important thing a leader needs to do is "recognize you are a leader," Mouser said. "Everyone is a leader to somebody — in your church, at work or to your children — and you have to be a leader."

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Original Publication Date: February 4, 2010

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