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Winter time blues? Grab a blanket and head for couch

East Bernard Express of East Bernard, Texas

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Cold weather impairs me on so many levels. If I'm cold nothing functions as it should and my motivation to get anything done is at an all time low. Add in a few clouds, drizzly rain and I'm really wishing I had my dog's life: burrowed down in a blanket on the couch sleeping the day away.

Physically I'm just a wimp. I haven't always been this way about cold weather but it seems the older I get the less I like it. And I really don't like to run the heater. That hot, dry air makes everything I touch emit static electricity, not to mention what it does to my hair and skin.

So my answer is to add more layers of clothing. Then I feel like the Michelin man and have yet another excuse for not doing anything. Too cumbersome to move.

Cold, damp weather even affects my ability to do laundry. I like to hang clothes up to dry. When the sun is shining, those blue jeans and T-shirts I hang up outside dry in no time. No sun, combined with cool temperatures and damp air means the clothes go in the dryer or they hang under the ceiling fan for three days. Or they stay in the laundry basket unwashed.

Forget trying to get motivated to run or work out, especially early mornings. I would much rather snuggle back under the covers.

Truth be told, I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do anything productive. I'm too busy turning on my oven and warming up next to my makeshift fire place.

Which brings up another problem. If I'm turning on the oven anyway, it seems silly to have a hot oven and not put anything in it to bake. Slice and bake cookies are my new best friend. Honestly, what's better than a fresh, out of the oven, still warm cookie and a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cold, frigid day?

Added to the fist of my growing impediments, is helping my daughters with their county fair animals. When we brought those cute little pigs home a few weeks ago the weather was great. A little cool but tolerable. Earlier this week I had to go help unload feed. Since I had on old shoes, I was nominated to open the gate. My fingers were too cold to work the numbers on the lock and you can't dial in the numbers if you're wearing gloves. To make matters worse I didn't have my glasses so I was having trouble seeing the numbers.

I think I'm suffering from the winter time blues. Seems like the best solution is to grab a blanket and head for the couch.

Tricia Potts, a mother of four, is a homemaker and newspaper columnist living in East Bernard.

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Original Publication Date: January 17, 2013

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