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A Literally True Eye-Popping Experience

The Harris County Journal of Hamilton, Georgia

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Regular readers of this column know that upon occasion I stumble across a strange news piece that I have to share with you; this is one of those times.

Allow me to set the stage.

A trial is being held in Philadelphia.

This is not the court case just highlighted during which a young woman gave a judge the single-finger salute and was awarded 30 days in jail.

Instead, this ease involves a lawsuit that pits John Huttick against Matthew Brunelli, regarding a fight.

Huttick, Brunelli and some other people were at a bar drinking.

That was probably the first mistake made that evening. When consuming alcoholic beverages, some people forget how to behave.

Periodically - and I mean once in a great while -I enjoy an adult beverage as well but I do not get drunk. Too often, bad things happen to people when they get drunk.

That is a fairly good word of advice from me to you.

According to testimony offered during the trial, Brunelli left the bar with a woman, and then got in a fight outside the bar.

Yes, that sounds like an often repeated story.

The news article does not indicate what started the fight, or even how many people were involved. Often such fights just seem to spread and then involve people who have no idea what they are fighting about.

Huttick reportedly attempted to stop the fight by stepping between Brunelli and whoever he was fighting. Brunelli threw a punch that caught Huttick in the left eye.

Apparently Brunelli was quite serious about this fight. The report indicates that Brunelli had a key clenched in his fist with the pointed end of the key protruding from between his fingers.

It might have been the key to his home, his car, or something else. What the key fit does not matter. When used during a fist fight, a key can cause considerable damage.

It did.

Huttick said the injury he suffered when Brunelli struck him in eye resulted in the loss of his left eye.

DURING the trial, Huttick was testifying before a jury with both eyes intact - or so it seemed.

During his testimony, Huttick began to cry. He claimed to have lost his job and his money because of the injury. Huttick said that he nearly lost his girlfriend over the situation.

Then the really strange thing happened.

As Huttick was crying and lamenting his woes, to the surprise of those attending, his left eye pops out of the socket.

Huttick was using a prosthetic eye.

Displaying quick reactions, Huttick caught the eye in his hand. As we can imagine reaction from some of the jurors was fairly quick as well, and some people are known to have weak stomachs.

"I couldn't believe it (the eye) just came out," Huttick later told reporters.

Judge Robert Coleman immediately granted the defense attorney a mistrial calling the situation an "unfortunate incident."

Yes, I think that is a fairly good description of what happened.

In deference to Huttick, there is no doubt that he lost an eye. Perhaps the loss of his eye was a result of being struck by Brunneli with the key clutched in his fist. That will be for a jury to decide.

That Huttick suffered such a grievous injury is certainly not funny.

But imagine being a spectator in Court and seeing that prosthetic eye pop out.

The reaction of the jury would have been... priceless.

That's my opinion.

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Original Publication Date: February 14, 2013

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