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Marler's Musings by Dick Marler Welcoming a New Year

Island Park News of Island Park, Idaho

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Why is it that when we are faced with a new year we feel obligated to look back at the old, list all the failures and short comings in a year end review, then promise ourselves that in the coming year things are going to be different. In our heart we know that nothing is going to change. We will still be waiting for the right time to get a new garage door installed, just like we did last year. I have been promising myself that I am going to put a collection of these silly stories into a book form for my kids and grandkids, but I'm no closer now than I was when I first put it on my resolution list several years ago, right next to my commitment to learn to speak Mandarin by next summer.

Looking over my new years resolutions for the last several years, I found I had promised myself I was going to loose twenty pounds, get in shape, and join my daughter in running a marathon. I have been working so hard on that one that I have gained more than twenty pounds and can barely make it from my recliner to the fridge and back before the commercial for a new weight loss and exercise program is over. I also read something about cleaning out the garage before winter sets in. I decided I must have been thinking about next winter, right after the new door is installed. No sense in working on that when it's so cold outside now is there?

The redhead and I were discussing the New Year a couple weeks ago, and she suggested I could get more involved. That's probably a good idea on the surface, but my question is, more involved in what Politics? I already do my share of complaining about the state of our political system with my on-line friends, and that creates enough problems on its own, so there is no need to get into arguments with real live people. Besides, my pontificating is not going to change anybody else's opinions, and mine are good enough for me, so why bother listening to theirs?

There are a number of environmental topics I would like to get involved with, but I have learned from experience that you have to be real careful who you talk to, and what you say. Even alluding to the word environment in a sentence can get a person hurt. If you think I may be exaggerating a bit, casually mention global warming over coffee some morning, and sees what happens. That can be more fun than trying to sell an electric toothbrush to a guy that has no teeth, or questioning the veracity of a hunter who says he only kills what he is going to eat while he is purchasing a wolf tag.

So, here are my new years resolutions for 2014. First of all, I am going to do what the redhead tells me to do, even if she tells me to finish cleaning out the garage. And, I am going to keep my opinions to myself so I won't upset others with my own, self-perceived set of facts, no matter what the topic. Of course, there is probably as much chance of me keeping these resolutions as there is with me learning how to speak Mandarin.

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Original Publication Date: January 2, 2014

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