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Mankato Garden Club wins 'festival of trees'

Jewell County Record of Mankato, Kansas

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When the votes were all tallied, Mankato Garden Club was declared the winner of the nine who had an entry in the 2013 Festival of Trees sponsored by the Jr. Clio Club.

The Garden Club tree featured clusters of red berries and all the ornaments made by the club members that hung from the tree were fashioned inside a half milk pod. Clear lights were strung, setting off the many butterflies throughout the tree as well. The tree topper was a butterfly, with a sprig of holly and a gold star. Setting on top of the red tree skirt was a framed quote by Aristole "In all things of nature there is something marvelous".

Jewell County Nutrition Site tree featured poinsettias and red berries with a Santa and reindeer skirt. Angels were featured on the tree holding large and small berries and the tree was accented by multi colored flashing lights.

Chapter CN PEO voting container had the sign "Supporting Educational Opportunities for Women. Make a Difference at Christmas and Throughout the Year" Clear balls with iridescent colors inside were featured on this tree with gold beads and iridescent icicles, white pine cones, and clear lights. Mini pieces of multi colored candy also hung from the branches. The top of the tree was adorned with a white angel that flashed.

The Lutheran Ladies Church group featured the Old Testament and New Testament. Large green poinsettias were placed throughout the tree. Dark crimson red balls with a gold branch laced around the center of the balls were the large decorations. One of the main ornaments on this tree were the key chains with a black miniature "Holy Bible" attached. Clear lights were used on this tree along with strands of twisted gold ribbon. The tree skirt was of gold and red.

The theme of the Lutheran Church Sunday School class was "the meaning of the snowflake." The tree was a glow with homemade ornaments. Paper cutout snowflakes with Sunday School children's pictures hung on the tree. Snowman ornaments of all sizes and shapes made from white pipe cleaners by the children were some of the other objects seen. Gold accents of stars, snowflakes, bows, beads and the skirt finished out the decorations.

Two mini-straw bales around the base of the 4-H tree along with a pair of green boots and Santa setting in a bucket were things noticed when looking at this tree entry. Green rope lights were strung around the tree and also featured were green balls with 4-H stamped on them and wooden farm animals for ornaments. There was a homemade multi-colored cut glass wreath ornament towards the top of the tree. Also viewed on the tree was green garland, 4-H neckerchief, K-State University ball ornaments and multi colored lights.

VFW Jewell County Memorial Ladies Auxiliary tree skirt was made of foil paper featuring the American Flag. Red, white and blue strands of stars circled this tree. Poppy balls, as well as red, white and blue ball ornaments were also used as decorations. Clear balls with poppy's inside and multi colored lights finished off the main decorations. The top of the tree was adorned with several American Flags tied together with a blue bow and tinsel in gold.

Grandma's House entry had home-made ornaments made out of brown paper bags, wood, and foil covered yogurt cups that were turned upside down and a bell attached to the inside. Some of the ornaments were painted and some had stickers and yet others had just the paper. All of the ornaments had the day care attendees names on them. The tree shirt was a snowman quilt with two teddy bears and a wooden reindeer sitting on it to keep it company.

The last tree seen on the north end of the walkway was the Relay for Life tree. This tree was decorated with purple balls, garland, multi colored ribbons of gold, white, pink, and multi colors fashioned into angels, multi colored lights and a purple angel was at the top. The tree shirt was fashioned out of Relay for Life T-shirts with the saying "Celebrate Remember Fight Back 2013".

Eventhough the Jr. Clio Club was not in the competition for the Festival of Trees their tree needs to be mentioned. Their theme was sunflowers and apples. Ornaments were homemade 2x4 clear rectangular picture frames with two members names in each one and around the outside of the frame was different colored buttons. Lots of red ribbon bows, sunflowers, apples and red branches graced this tree. Other things noted were gold snowflakes with red bead centers, mini 'Chilly Willy' ornaments, pine cones embedded with red beads. The red shirt had flat red glass beads laying on it. Setting on the skirt on both sides of the tree were two vases of flowers featuring sunflowers and other flowers of red color.

Setting on the far south and far north ends of the tree entries were two miniature decorated Christmas trees.

The Mankato Community Center walkway between the south side of the building and the Mankato Library on the north was a beautiful sight throughout the Christmas season. Now that the season is over and all the trees have been taken down the walkway looks quite bare.

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Original Publication Date: January 2, 2014

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