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Oxbow hires for communications post

Journal Opinion of Bradford, Vermont

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BRADFORD—Oxbow High School has offered the open, part-time communications position to the executive director of Court Street Arts in Haverhill.

The Oxbow High School board announced at the OHS board meeting on Feb. 19 that Keisha Luce has been offered the 15-hour-per-week position, effective Feb. 5.

"The committee unanimously recommended that Doug [Harris] go ahead and hire her for the position. He did offer it to her, she did accept. She has hit the ground running," said OHS school board member, Georgia Hadley. "She has full skill set and she was willing to work at the bottom of the pay scale that we had considered so that's... $20 an hour."

The hours for the position are flexible. Hadley says that Luce is agreeable to being in the building during the school day and for special events. Luce will share office space with the OHS librarian. Hadley described Luce as methodical, practical and organized.

According to Hadley, Luce has met with the local radio station, WYKR, in order to coordinate the use of free radio time for students to utilize. Luce is also working with the OHS Parent Teacher Organization to discuss supporting their efforts with encouraging people to vote at this year's town meeting.

"... There's lots of things that she could be doing," Hadley said. "I think the primary thing that we've asked her to look at right now is the website and the way that Oxbow communicates with parents and the community; making sure that people can access the information, making sure that we're not overlooking people who don't have internet access, and just building some relationships with the Oxbow community."

Hadley stated that the communications position will also assist the school in reaching out to elementary students entering high school to help boost numbers for the student body.

Kathy Damon, an OHS board member from Newbury, posed some specific requests regarding the new hire, to justify the added cost of the position. One of these requests being a copy of the Luce's job description and the six month goals for the new hire.

Damon also suggested that the board request to see "data" to show if the position is producing the desired change.

"For instance, if we noticed that at certain school functions that there's an increase in the number of audience members...we can assume that there's some more advertising [and] it's the direct result of that," Damon said. "So...right from the from the start, capturing some numbers to kind of help support continuing that [position]."

Updating the OHS website could also mean the facility needing to post syllabi for students and blogging about what is happening in classes to keep parents informed. Hadley stated that colleges are using online electronic systems to aid in the learning process.

"I think there's a fair amount of catch up that needs to be done within the staff here as far as the use of technology and especially with communications," Hadley said."... It's realistic to expect that they [students] be learning that process in high school, at this point... It's a steep learning curve if" you...didn't learn how to do that before you got there [college]."


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Original Publication Date: February 25, 2015

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