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"The Deadly Fatigue Factor

Being fatigued can be a leading contributor to accidents and ultimately death!

How many times have you been driving from home to a destination and only remember half of the trip? We're you daydreaming, thinking about something fun, something you had to do, a discussion you had with a family member or were you tired from lack of rest? All of these things can take your focus away from driving, but lack of rest from pushing your body removes you even more from the thinking process which elevates your risk and creates a hazard that can easily kill you, especially when you're driving.

Fatigue causes many accidents because quite frankly, you're just not on your game. Your senses are slowed, your mind is blurred, your body and mind are running on empty, and you're just about ready to crash! Will you crash into your bed or into an oncoming car? Will you slip and trip on something because you aren't focused? You open yourself up to any injury if you're working on limited rest.

So what do you do? I had a neighbor just down the hill from me that made up for lost rest by drinking "Red Bull" and other amped up drinks. He was pinned tight, amped up, spun up just so tight that at 38 years old after several years of these energy drinks, his heart just couldn't take any more and he just died. His heart crashed after the turbo charging max boost it got from years of energy drinks. What a shame, 38 years young and he crashed and burned because he tried to short cut his body's rest requirements. So what's the answer, it's definitely not caffeine or drugs.

Recovery rest is the answer. When we run our bodies down, we must take time to rest. Whether it's on the weekend or during the week we just have to take the time to get recovery rest. If we don't, we get sick easier we get stressed and short with our friends and family, and most important, we put ourselves at a super high risk of hurting others or ourselves! So the Safety Dawg says "stay on the porch" get your recovery rest so you can perform better, safer and you can enjoy a few more years with the pups.......Woof!

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Original Publication Date: March 17, 2011

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