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Owen announces candidacy for County Attorney race

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Wants to eliminate office; save taxpayer money

HENDERSON COUN-T Y-Athens attorney James Owen has announced his candidacy for the office of County Attorney and will be on the ballot in the 2016 Republican Primary.

As detailed below, Owen proposes to eliminate the office he is running for in order to protect victims of crime and save tax money.

"I see several ways where the office of County Attorney and criminal prosecution in the county can be handled in a more cost effective and efficient manner," Owen said.

"I believe that will lead to quicker disposition of cases; will enhance protection of victims of crime who often get overlooked by our current County Attorney; and save taxpayers at least $300,000 to $500,000 each year."

Most of our surrounding counties have consolidated prosecution of criminal cases into a Criminal District Attorney's office, while Henderson County has maintainedtwo prosecutor offices; one for felonies and one for misdemeanors.

"I am running to work with legislators and our other elected officials to reduce the size of government by combining prosecution of criminal cases into a Criminal District Attorney's office. Smaller government. More efficient government and less costly government."

"Anytimewehaveanop-portunity to shrink the size of government and reduce the tax burden on our citizens, while atthe same time improving public safety and the delivery of services, Ibelieveweareobligatedto give serious consideration to such proposals."

James Owen has practiced law in Henderson County since moving to Athens in the 1990s.Hehas maintained a general legal practice and also served 8 years (2001-08) as County Attorney. He believes in limited constitutionally defined government that is least burdensome and costly to citizens, while delivering appropriate governmental services. He also believes that we have too many politicians, who hold office to serve their own agendas and interests; those who just try to lay low, not draw attention to themselves and pad their retirement accounts all at the expense of the taxpayer.

James has been married to Laura Owen for 26 years and they have six children ages 17 to 27, and two grandchildren.

He is a 1985 graduate of Texas Tech School of Law, where heearnedaDoctorof Jurisprudence and a 1982 Graduate of University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science Degree with University Honors and Honors in Chemical Engineering.

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Original Publication Date: January 1, 2016

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