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By the time you read this, Malakoffs 18th Annual Cornbread Festival will be upon us. I hope you are ready to show up this Saturday and have a big time with your friends and neighbors. We're going to be doing all the regular things...playing games, entering all kind of silly contests, eating lots of goodies from vendors, and, of course, entering, or at least checking out, the Great Cornbread Cookoff.

I should have been talking this up way before now. I mean, the Cornbead Cookoff will be held in the front room of our Cedar Lake Home Health and Hospice Offices on Terry Street. We run it. So I really should have been talking up the Cookoff.

Man, last summer when I discovered the cornbread sandwich in that shop in Jefferson I said I might just figure out how to make flexible cornbread and enter a cornbread sandwich, or at least talk somebody else into doing it. I.didn't do either. I'm ashamed of myself.

But the truth is, I haven't been feeling so good for a while, plus I took on some projects to try to help some people, which has just taken every little bit of juice I've had. I've even been skipping sending in a column some weeks, and other weeks getting somebody else to write a guest column for me.

I'm giving you my excuses so you won't think I'm just lazy, or trying to quit writing this column. I think I'll get back in the swing of things before long. At least I hope so.

At this late date, I'm not going to repeat all the information about the Cornbread Festival. All of it will be covered thoroughly in The News, much more accurately than I would. However, maybe I will remind you that the Rotary Club is cooking pancakes down at the community center, and there is also a really nice art show goingon.

I think 1 brought you some great guest columnists. Cara Taylor who has written about her search for her birth family isn't through. But she has been moving, and had to take a breather. She hasn't even got to what I think was the most interesting twist to the story yet. I keep bugging her and she promises to get back on it soon.

In order to fill a little more space, I looked around the Internet for good news. The pickings were slim, but I like this story:

A single man and a single woman (they look early sixtyish) each lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. They ended up in temporary housing across the street from one another, where they met and fell in love.

A few months ago they bought some kind of lottery ticket together. They won $255,555. They just locked the ticket up and took their time, met with legal and financial advisors, so they were sure they were handling it right. Now they have bought a house and show every sign of beginning a wonderful new life together.

Then there were a couple of nursing home stories. Somewhere, I think in Denmark, a nursing home is offering room and board to a few college students in return for their agreement to spend a reasonable number of hours socializing with the nursing home residents. I think that is great. If we had rooms to spare, I'd be wanting to do that.

The other one I read about was an Ohio retirement home that put out a nude calendar to raise money for charity. On the front page were residents 94-year-old Wilma Purvis, 90-year-old Jo Pyle, and 87-year-old Sylvia Palcic, stripped down to their birthday suits. Well, they actually were covered up pretty well, and they look pretty cute, but somehow I don't see Cedar Lake trying that.

Okay, that's enough. Maybe I'll do better next week.

In the meantime, hope I'll see you at the Cornbread Festival.

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Original Publication Date: April 17, 2015

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