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Volunteer day at ACPR

The Othello Outlook of Othello, Washington

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The new Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) complex is nearing completion with the help of Animal House.

Over the weekend, volunteers, cast and crew arrived to finish fencing around the outdoor runs and play areas as the project draws nearer to a close.

At the conclusion of the workday Saturday, May 2, fencing had been completed around all of the outdoor areas. According to Shelter Director Jamie Krueger, the last thing to be addressed in the outdoor areas of the new complex is the installation of the gates.

"They got the whole perimeter fence up, so now we're just waiting on the gates to show up so we can completely finish it," she said. "They got most of it done."

Once the exterior areas of the complex are completed, the final phase of the project is to finish the interior work.

"There's quite a bit left to still do inside," Krueger said.

The interior of the new shelter still needs to have trim installed around the windows, counter tops in the clinic and staff areas and doors to the different bays hung. The counter tops and trim for the shelter are delayed because of an equipment failure.

Krueger said once these are delivered, there might be another volunteer workday to install everything.

In addition to the trim, the indoor-outdoor runs need to have their guillotine doors cut out of the wall and installed and there are a few electrical issue that need to be addressed before ACPR can obtain its occupancy.

Another hurdle for the project is the fact that ACPR lacks the funds necessary to cover the costs of the project.

Animal House is currently working to secure grant funding for the rest the renovations.

"We just have a bunch of small left to do so we either need some people to donate their time to help finish it or some funding," Krueger said.

Once the project is complete and ACPR receives occupancy, it will be able to host a volunteer training. Until then, they are unable to have many volunteers working in the shelter.

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Original Publication Date: May 7, 2015

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