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Golf course budget, expenditures approved

The Power County Press of American Falls, Idaho

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A golf course budget, a job description for the new golf professional position, a public hearing for golf rates and software for the American Falls Golf Course were all approved by the American Falls City Council in its meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

The city will have to reopen the budget to add the expenses for the golf course, so the course will be the topic of future meetings.

After moving to take over control of the golf course—it had been contracted out until late last year - the City of American Falls is looking at managing the course. Projected revenue and expense reports were created by Mayor Marc Beitia, City Clerk Robyn Herndon, Golf Superintendent Cody Moldenhauer and new Golf Professional Denny Howell.

It is going to be a learning process, Beitia said.

"Our numbers may be a little high because we just don't know," Beitia said about the budget.

Councilmember Stuart Pankratz said it looked like the city officials had put in a lot of work to come up with the budget.

"I would like to commend the mayor and Robyn on coming up with these numbers," he said.

The mayor said that Moldenhauer and Howell also put in long hours to come up with a plan.

"It seems like a job well done," Beitia said. "We'll know just how well done in eight months."

The new budget does stop one practice common in American Falls. Tournament winnings no longer can be traded for candy and drinks in the clubhouse. It was just too hard to keep track of the small food items bought with winnings, said Beitia, and the American Falls Golf Course is the only golf course regionally that does that. The winnings can still be traded for golf supplies in the clubhouse.

The city also hopes to cross train some employees on clubhouse duties. It is cheaper to add extra maintenance workers than it is to train new clubhouse workers, so Moldenhauer, who normally does maintenance work, could be in the clubhouse more often, Herndon said.

The city will hold a public hearing and discuss golf rates further at its Wednesday, Feb. 4 meeting.

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Original Publication Date: January 14, 2015

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