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Divine Coffee Gains New Owners

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Seth and Becky Quinby have purchased the Divine Coffee and Ice Cream stand at the corner of Main Street and Hwy 228 (Bishop Way) and take ownership on Friday, January 16. They have purchased the business from Lynn Holvey and Lorraine Rogers. Lorraine will remain on staff while Becky will be in and out as she cares for her family which includes 2 year-old Sadie. Other staff that remain will be Kesly Diebele, Brooke Hoyer and on weekends Haley Harlow.

"We do not plan to change anything right at beginning," says Becky "Although we are thinking of opening at 5 am rather than 6 am." Food and drinks can be ordered prior to driving up to the window by calling 541-466-5554.

Seth was born and raised in Elkton where his parents were teachers. He went on to graduate from Oregon State University with a degree in Agriculture Business Management. He is currently employed in sales at Pape Machinery in Harrisburg. Becky grew up in Albany graduated from Santiam Christian High School, and last worked for Barenbrug USA Grass Seed Company in Tangent, where she was a purchasing agent.

The couple moved to Brownsville less than one year ago, in April of 2013. Becky says that when Sadie was born she quit work and their plan of owning a home in the countryside had to be postponed. Instead they found almost what they wanted with the first house Becky found on the internet, a home on Spaulding just to the north and west of Putman Street. They moved in from Albany, along with nine-year-old Reese Kampfer, from a prior marriage. Also a frequent visitor is nine-year-old Gracie Quinby, Seth's child, who lives with her mother in Sutherlin.

Recently the family was expanded when Becky's niece Maya Woodman moved in. Sixteen year old Maya needed a strong family to live with and she is now one of the family. Maya shares the family interest in horses. Becky reports that Maya is making good grades at Central Linn High School and is "ours" now. "I am so proud of her," says Becky.

Becky and Seth believe in a strong family. They eat meals together and Becky makes her own bread. They believe their table is a good place to keep the family talking and strong. They do go camping on rare occasions.

Little Sadie, while visiting The Times office, looked across the street into the knitting table at Brownsville Stitching Parlor and said, "There's Nana," pointing to Jamie Kampfer, the owner. Brownsville is really a family town.

Becky says that buying the business was Seth's idea. "At dinner one night," Becky relates, "Seth suggested we buy the coffee stand." They decided to do so and are now in business.

"We love it in Brownsville," says Becky, as they join the local business community.

Saturday morning the Quinby family gathered at Divine Coffee and Ice Cream for a picture to go with this story. They were almost late due to a three legged goat. A neighbor's goat had gotten off-leash and meandered over to their deck. When Seth took it home, it followed him back and he had to make a second trip to the neighbor's house. Wasn't his best morning.

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Original Publication Date: January 14, 2015

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