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SDOT busy repairing West Seattle potholes

West Seattle Herald of Seattle, Washington

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Crews were busy on 35th Ave. S.W. last week repairing the many potholes that have appeared in streets and arterials, largely due to the actions of the weather the last couple of months.

The crews can do between 5 to 8 tons of asphalt fill/pothole repair per day, according to the SDOT crew the West Seattle Herald spoke to on the job.

They were working from Genesee along 35th up and down to S.W. Barton street, adding asphalt from a truck and then using a compacting tool to flatten it.

West Seattle road repair Crew Chief Bill Grosso said, "We're probably 60 potholes behind here. Two weeks ago we were like 120 so we're working real fast. We have two crews out. (...) The worst of the potholes are on Sylvan Way. Dumar Street,

Orchard Street, and Delridge Way. We ran Delridge, Dumar, and Sylvan and I hope they stay. Yesterday we finished California Ave. and we're trying to get California paved."

They concentrate on the arterials first like Delridge, Calfornia Ave. and 35th, and he has a crew on Alki too.

"It's a brand new truck," Grosso said, "We just got it today so we are working the bugs out and things are going slower than I'd like on Alki right now. There are sections of Alki Avenue that need paving and these patches are not going to hold. They're just a temporary fix. All I'm trying to do is make it so they are safe enough that cars don't break axles or get flats. Once summer comes they will start paving."

He noted that there is a spot under the West Seattle Bridge by the Chelan Cafe that he intends to get paved. "That one is so rough that it's really not potholes. It's got patches upon patches," he said. Grosso wanted to let people know that even if you have called SDOT regarding pothole repair he urges them to call again. "We're going as fast as we can." You can report a pothole online at an SDOT page for the purpose or by calling 684-ROAD.

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Original Publication Date: February 4, 2011

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