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Segment On Missing Children Airs Feb. 28

The Woodville Republican of Woodville, Mississippi

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Two small children went missing during a 1992 celebration of Mother's Day in a rural area of Wilkinson County. Family members and friends had gathered at a local store and surrounding houses to enjoy a special day. It ended with a tragic event, and now, some 19 years later, a cable television company is bringing the incident back to life in hopes that new information will surface about this case and similar ones across the nation.

The Find Our Missing documentary concerning African American children who have gone missing all across the United States will air on cable channel TV One at .8 p.m. central time on Wednesday, February 29. This show will contain a segment re-creating the mysterious disappearance of three-year-old Kreneice Jones and LaMoine Allen, both of St. James Parish, La., who were with family and friends at the Jackson Grocery at the intersection of Hwy. 24 and the Whitestown Road in Wilkinson County.

Before dark fell that day the happy event turned to anxiousness after it was discovered that the two children, who had been playing with other children in the parking lot of the store-were gone.

The kids were missed at about 4 p.m., and family members organized a quick search of the area.

Acting Sheriff James W. Forman and deputies from the Wilkinson County Sheriffs Department, assisted by the Woodville Police Department, the Woodville Volunteer Fire Department and inmates from the Wilkinson Community Work Center, searched the area until dark fell.

Acting Sheriff Forman said, "Our first thought was that the children were removed from the area by a family member, but we still conducted a search for them that afternoon."

A second search of the area was organized by Sheriff Forman on Tuesday, May 11, but no sign was found.

That same day St. James Parish law officials interviewed a number of family members.

On May 13, a third search of the area was conducted, and was aided by a helicopter.

Also on May 13 the Federal Bureau of Investigations administered polygraph tests to a number of family members of the two missing children.

A fourth area search was conducted on May 24, and again, no sign was found of the missing girl and boy.

The case remains unsolved as of December, 2011, and no trace of the two children has ever been found.

The two would not be children today as they would be approximately 22 years of age.

Towers Productions spent several days in this area filming and completing production of the segment on Kreneice Jones and LaMoine Alien.

If anyone has any information about the disappearance of these two children, please contact the Wilkinson County Sheriff's Department at 601-888-2511.

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Original Publication Date: January 19, 2012

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