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Inducted into Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame

The Akron Hometowner of Akron, Iowa

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Norm and Ruth Barker of Plymouth County were inducted into the 2009 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Iowa State Fair Aug. 23.

Counties select inductees for their exceptional work in contributing to the lives of 4-H members and the overall 4-H program.

The inductees have demonstrated dedication, encouragement, commitment and guidance to Iowa's 4-H'ers through the years.

Norm and Ruth Barker may not have been 4-H'ers growing up but that didn't keep them from taking part in the town of Craig's 4-H Fair. This fair began in the 1940s when the three area churches got together to hold the annual event that would take place for the next 30 years. It was a one-day event that would allow the area 4-H'ers to exhibit livestock and the girls to bring in their home economic exhibits. Ruth recalls helping with the girls' exhibits while Norm served as Fair Chairman.

Little did Norm and Ruth know but this was just the beginning of a lifetime of 4-H experiences! From leading the Preston Pearls, Grant Clever Clovers and Grant Little Giants to guiding their children as 4-H'ers. 4-H has become a tradition in the Barker family as 9 of the 11 grandchildren have also participated in 4-H.

Ruth served on the 4-H & Youth Committee and on several Fair Subcommittees. She serves as a clerk for static judging day.

Norm served on the Iowa 4-H Foundation and the Extension Advisory Board and maintains the Fair Model T truck.

Most recently, Norm and Ruth have been pioneers in getting the Barn Quilt project going throughout Plymouth County through the Le Mars Arts Council. Their grandchildren constructed a barn quilt that is displayed on the barn at the family farm.

They feel their greatest contribution to 4-H is passing the tradition on to future generations.

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Original Publication Date: September 16, 2009

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