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Deem selected as 4-H All Star

The Pennsboro News of Harrisville, West Virginia

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Induction as an All Star is a highlight of any 4-H member or volunteer leader.

Becoming a West Virginia 4-H All Star is the highest honor bestowed upon a member or adult volunteer. The motto of the All Star organization is "Service."

During the 2015 Alpha I State 4-H Camp, Ritchie County 4-H member Ryder Deem was inducted into the West Virginia 4-H All Stars.

Induction and recognition ceremonies are hosted during a state 4-H event at Jackson's Mill.

The following historical perspective about the 4-H All Star was written by L. S. "Pete" Hartley.

"The word Star has many definitions, as does the word ALL. When we combine these two words ALL and STAR we think of 'the very best,' the 'cream of the crop;' the ALL STAR game, the ALL STAR team, etc.

"When we put FOUR-H in front of ALL STAR, the words take on a special meaning. To be chosen for a FOUR-H ALL STAR means you are approaching or have reached maturity in 4-H. In the words of Edward Strecker, "Maturity is a quality of personality made up of a number of elements. It is the ability to stick to a job... reliability... persistence to carry out a goal in the face of difficulties...endurance of difficulties, unpleasantness, discomfort, frustration, hardship... the ability to size things up, make one's own decisions... a considerable amount of independence...maturity includes a determination, a succeed and achieve, a will to live... Maturity represents the capacity to cooperate; to work with others.... The mature person is flexible, can defer to time, persons, circumstances... can show tolerance, be patient and has the qualities of adaptability and compromise... Emotional maturity is morale of the individual."

These are the characteristics looked for in choosing FOUR-H ALL STARS. It is more than the number of years in club work or county and state camps attended or projects completed or awards won; it is all of these PLUS those characteristics of maturity.

To become involved in Ritchie County 4-H, call the Ritchie County Extension Office at 304.643.5200.

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Original Publication Date: July 15, 2015

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