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Good morning from Island Park, the land of a less than normal snow accumulation year and controversy over a National Monument. It's definitely not a normal year here in IP Normal years we see many more snowmo-bilers from the mid-west and just enjoy the outdoors without interference from out of area politics.

Most Idahoan's are straightforward and will tell you we don't want to he told what to do by people who don't live here or grew up here. However, here we are in this very situation of folks who are not straightforward and have been working in the back ground to create something here that the voter's here said we don't want. Individuals who tried to hide or let's say were not up front with what they initially were trying to accomplish and are still in the driver's seat. Now they continue an effort to create a Regional Plan with little input from Fremont County residents. I am all for a plan. If we here in Fremont County buy into this plan, where is the infrastructure going to go. Jackson, WY, Rexburg, ID? Who is really going to benefit from the regional plan? Those are the questions we can ask tonight at the City Council meeting when Tom Cluff presents the regional plan to those who attend the meeting at City Hall at 7pm. I have read the draft plan at; I suggest you do the same.

Idahoans' don't want to be controlled by Washington DC or special interest groups in any way. We have too many years of encroaching federal control, reduced forest access, reduced forest maintenance, wolf reintroduc-tion etc., etc. We are a place where rancher's still graze their cattle, where selective logging is performed to maintain healthy forests and we will continue to care for our home.

Let's remember change comes whether we want it or not because populations continue to increase and that population wants to explore our National Park and Island Park. So maybe we take control of future development at our level. The data collected last year at the futures study is still valid. We did make progress in what was wanted and needed here. Maybe we restart this process and take the bull by the so-called horns and our destiny in our own hands.

If you folks in St. Anthony did not find a newspaper last week, I will be bringing what I can with the new edition.

Until next week, as always take a deep breathe of the forest and relax.

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Original Publication Date: February 26, 2015

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