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Old parsonage gets new siding

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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New Meadows-August 31, 2015 — After 80 some odd years, the parsonage for the United Methodist Church in New Meadows is undergoing a face lift. Members of the church are donating their time to remove the old siding of the pastor's home and replacing it with new siding. The new style of siding was donated by Weyerhaeuser, with the understanding that the finished job would be used as a model. Weyerhaeuser will be provided the opportunity to take photographs of the home for their use.

In addition to the siding, other building — supplies were needed. These additional supplies were donated by Collins Siding, Northwest Factory Finish, and C&M Lumber of New Meadows.

The home was originally built right after the church was built on Heigho Street. (Yes, this is the church with the leaning steeple, but that's another story!) Since its completion, the parsonage has served as the residence for the church's pastor. Several years ago, an addition was built onto the back side of the house. As the siding was removed from this addition, the workers were greeted by their only surprise thus far: several bats that had taken up residence behind the old siding!

Removing the siding was a major project. But the church members received help from a very special young lady. Alyssa is a 26-year-old young lady from Buffalo, New York who is riding her bike cross country. When she reached New Meadows, The Pedal Medic offered her, as they do all bike riders, a place to sleep for the night and a hot shower. Because of the thick smoke in New Meadows the next day, Alyssa decided to spend one more day in Meadows Valley. With nothing to do that second day, Alyssa offered to help the members of the United Methodist Church remove the siding from the parsonage! Don Moreaux, owner of The Pedal Medic and one of the members involved in the residing project, said that they were very appreciative of her help.

The church members are hard at work residing the parsonage, turning it into a show piece that will be used by Weyerhaueser in their publicity, and at the same time enhancing the home for their Pastor, Jack Bynum.

The workers wanted to encourage everyone to stop by and see their project. Toot your horn as you go by and give them a wave. Just try to keep your eyes on the road; we don't want anyone running over any bats!

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Original Publication Date: September 9, 2015

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