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Bringing hope to a young man and his family

The Othello Outlook of Othello, Washington

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For the second year, the Othello Weaver Field R/C Modelers club put together a miniature airshow to help an Othello resident who is currently locked in a battle with cancer.

David Camarena began experiencing hip and leg pain that rapidly became worse in the spring this year. After visiting a doctor, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma cancer, the most common type of cancer that develops in bone.

He received treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital, but his fight against the disease continues. Confined to a wheelchair, he can no longer participate in the sports that he loves.

The Wings For Hope fly-in hosted over the weekend draws R/C pilots from around the state to Weaver Field to help support David and his family as they continue to fight against the disease.

Around 40 different pilots took to the field Friday and Saturday to help raise money for the family. Beautiful skies Friday evening saw pilots bring out some of their more special planes to show off their acrobatics for David and his family.

Weather threatened to ground the event entirely, however, with high winds making it hazardous for pilots to even attempt to taxi their planes around, let alone fly. As the day went on, the winds began to recede and pilots were able to take to the sky with relative safety again.

Two staples of Wings for Hope are the candy drop and the paintball shoot down.

Pilots load candy into their planes and then "bomb" the runway for kids to scramble after.

Each year, modelers also prepare a few planes specifically to be destroyed by those on the ground. For $1, participants could purchase five paintballs and try their luck as an anti-aircraft gunner.

David took aim first and with his first shot, he punched a round right through the middle of the target plane amid cheers from the pilots and his family.

Fortunately for the other participants, they were still able to try their hands at knocking a plane from the sky.

The evening wrapped up with a live auction conducted by Gary Weaver and potluck dinner with each pilot bringing a dish to share. Lep-Re-Kon Harvest Foods provided the chicken as a main course for the meal and discounts on food supplies for the other meals for participants.

Before dinner began, Gary Weaver, Homer Montemayor and Cain Lopez presented David and his parents with the money that had been raised for them. With last minute donations from some of the pilots, they handed the family $4,600 that was raised throughout the weekend.

As the sun set, modelers, attendees and the Camarenas gathered in front of Weaver's airplane for a picture before settling in for dinner. The money raised can be used however the family wants, whether it's for medical bills of even a family trip. The Weaver Field Modelers do not put any stipulation on how the funds are to be spent.

The most important thing to all of them, is helping a family in need.

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Original Publication Date: October 8, 2015

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