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RESA Director Speaks to Lions Club

The St. Marys Oracle of St Marys, West Virginia

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Joe Oliverio, executive director of RESA V, was the guest speaker at the Feb. 9 Pleasants Area Lions Club luncheon held at the Pleasants County Library.

Jody Murphy, Pleasants Area Chamber of Commerce executive director and Lions Club member arranged for Oliverio to be on the program.

Oliverio had been to the Pleasants County Board of Education on Jan. 22 to updatejhe board members about the services offered through RESA V. The Regional Education Service Agency includes Pleasants, Ritchie, Tyler, Wood, Wirt, Jackson, and Roane counties.

Oliverio touched on many of the same topics to the Lions club members as he did to the board of education. Those topics included the educational services offered by RESA, the financial benefits, health and safety issues, and assistance with technology that RESA V provides for the county school systems. Of particular interest was the AEPA (Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies).

The AEPA works to secure volume purchasing contracts so goods and services can be bought more efficiently and effectively for schools and counties, nonprofits, 501-C-3's, and religious organizations."For example, the county commission is a non-profit so they could join at no cost and then purchase items for the county at great savings to the taxpayers. When they did the aquatic center some of those items could have been purchased this way," Oliverio explained."Superintendent Mike Wells used AEPA to purchase the new classroom furniture for the high school and for the artificial turf and lights at the football stadium. The money saved by using the AEPA can be used for other things that are needed."

Murphy said he hoped to get Oliverio to come back and speak with some of the local groups that are non-profit or 501-C-3's who could benefit from using the AEPA. The Lions Club falls into that category and was part of the reason the RESA director was asked to speak.

Oliverio said he would be glad to do that. "This is a golden opportunity for these groups who qualify to save a lot of money," he said. "I am traveling around the RESA V area getting the word out not only about the services we offer, but the AEPA as well," he added.

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Original Publication Date: February 11, 2015

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