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Woman with local ties publishes "Grab 'N Go"

The Aberdeen Times of Aberdeen, Idaho

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Having experienced two fires that moved quickly through her community in Herriman, UT, Mary Row-bury knows how vital being prepared to quickly leave your home can be in an emergency. She adds nearly 25 years' experience of dealing in insurance to a resource book she has written titled "Grab 'n Go Essential Document Organizer."

Her organizer is a detailed, step-by-step guide to gathering basic family information, including medical histories, a list of emergency contacts, insurance, wills, tax and other financial records.

She describes how to create a photographic inventory of your home on a CD to keep with your emergency binder. Once the pages have been filled in and her suggestions followed, families can have greater peace of mind if they ever need to leave their home in a hurry.

"Grab 'n Go" serves as a workbook; a gathering place for all of a family's essential documents and information.

The benefits of having all of this documentation together in a binder go beyond being prepared for a disaster. Having a central place for important family records can come in handy on many occasions. Rowbury's document organizer can be valuable to every household who uses it.

Rowbury is married to Alan Rowbury, who was raised in Aberdeen and graduated from Aberdeen High School. They live in Herriman, UT. Her book can be purchased in various book stores in the area.

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Original Publication Date: September 11, 2013

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