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Wolf put on trial for murder

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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The courtroom at the Adams County Courthouse was packed Thursday afternoon. The audience stood as the judge entered the room, and then settled in to hear the case of the State of Idaho vs. Alexander T. Wolf (aka The Big Bad Wolf) who was on trial for killing two little pigs after knocking their houses down.

The defense argued that Al Wolf had merely come to the little pigs' houses to borrow a cup of sugar, and that, due to his severe allergies, he had sneezed, which caused the houses (one made of straw and the other of sticks) to collapse on the pigs, killing them. The prosecution further claimed that Wolf had eaten both of the deceased pigs.

It isn't clear how the deceased pigs were able to appear in court, but they took the witness stand and testified about what had happened to them.

The defense explained that Wolf did not intend to blow the houses down with his sneezes and that he had only eaten the littie pigs because he did not want the meat to go to waste.

The trial was the project of the fourth grade class from Council Elementary School, under the guidance of teacher Courtney Fisher and Judge John Meienhofer. Students concluded their studies of the Constitution, Three Branches of Government, and the rights of Americans with the study of the inter workings of a trial.

Mrs. Fisher said the class did a comprehensive study about 4 versions of The Three Littie Pigs from several points of view. Each team (Legislative, Defense, and Prosecution) learned how to interview, question, and build a case from their, respective standpoints. Judge Meienhofer visited the classroom multiple times to meet with each team, and aided in the actual mock trial on April 16th.

During the trial, the prosecution and defense were guided by Adams County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Faulks and attorney Tim Felton. The Jury consisted of several high school students, with the help of a lead juror from the fourth grade class.

Ultimately, Aldexandar T. Wolf was found not guilty, as the jury did not find the Wolf to have premeditated the murder of the pigs. Displays of evidence, the class created newspaper, and trial materials will be open for display on April 30th during the Elementary School's Celebrate Education Night.

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Original Publication Date: April 22, 2015

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