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Jail hosts 27 state prisoners

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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Adams County Commissioner Meeting

The Adams County Commissioners were able to move forward on completing several projects in the county, which will improve the New Meadows Transfer Site and the county shop building that was recently purchased in New Meadows. The Commissioners approved purchasing a truck-mounted compactor unit for the transfer site, and may also approve installing power to the site so lights and other equipment can be used there. The land is leased from the State, so any improvements to the site must conform with state requirements. The county will continue to improve the shop building in New Meadows with insulation and screening fences around the vehicle lot. The used oil furnaces in the building will be inspected so they can be used when the insulation is completed.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Tom Glenn has researched several options for re-striping the Council-Cuprum Road. It will cost about $15,000 to repaint just the centerline, and up to $28,000 if all the current painting is to be redone. The Road Department will construct a loading dock for the Council Recycling Center so semi trailers can be loaded at the center. Western Recycling has agreed to ship Council's recyclables right from Council to save handling the larger bales multiple times. The county agreed to honor the long-standing agreement with the church located at Rock Flats, which provides the county with power for the blower equipment in exchange for plowing the church parking lot weekly. Chris Friend, from the Road Department, is confident that the grant request to L-PAC for matching funds for the Goose Creek Road will be approved. Those funds will allow the county to pay their portion of the $8,900,000 road rebuilding project at Goose Creek.

Sheriff Ryan Zollman has permission to relocate the 911 call equipment from Brundage to the Valley County site located at No Business Lookout. The move saves Adams County $2,000 annually, and Homeland Security funds will pay for the moving expenses. The jail housed twenty-seven guest inmates this past week. This is the second month that fees paid for guest inmates will exceed $30,000. Sheriff Zollman was able to give raises to the jailers and patrolmen in the 2014 budget. Zollman hopes that the higher wages, plus the fact that he is emphasizing local hires, will slow down turnover in the department.

Weed Supervisor Dave Herold gave an end of year report on how his department has used the $508,000 in stimulus funds that were awarded four years ago. The county has provided employment for up to thirteen seasonal workers who worked over 19,000 hours in weed control efforts for Adams County. Since the funding has been used up, the Department will shrink its efforts in 2014, but Herold is applying for other funding to increase operations again in 2015. The Forest Service has a new emphasis on weed control on private lands that border the forest, which Herold hopes to tap for funding as well.

The Commissioners heard a report from Chairman Brown about matters covered at the District 3 regional meeting held last week in Cambridge. Counties are to encourage indigent residents to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Heathcare Act through the State Insurance Exchange. The District 3 members strongly support efforts by the State of Idaho to take over management of Federal forests located in the District. Extension Agent Tyanne Freeburg requested scenic pictures of Adams County, which she can use in the portion of the University of Idaho Website that covers the county. Freeburg has filled the staff position at her office and is settling down to operating the extension services for the county.

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Original Publication Date: October 23, 2013

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