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Man beats up girlfriend's car

The Calhoun-Liberty Journal of Bristol, Florida

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An afternoon of bickering that led to a woman telling her boyfriend that she was leaving resulted in his arrest after he reportedly beat up her car.

The complainant said that Kalen Burke, 25, of Hosford, threw a tray of cupcakes at her and then scratched her while they argued over him taking her cell phone and going through her calls.

When he realized she was about to go, she said Burke went out to her car and punched the trunk with his fist. She said he then jumped on the hood and started stomping it, punched the windshield and then head-butted the windshield, leaving spiderweb cracks spreading across the glass from two impact points.

Deputies photographed footprints left on the hood and roof of the vehicle.

Unable to find him on Oct. 17, deputies caught up with Burke the next day at his home. He said he found some text messages in reference to another man that upset him. He said he held onto her phone and refused to give it back when she asked. When she said she was going to call the sheriff's office, Burke said he got mad and hit her car. He admitted that he "went a little stupid."

Burke was charged with domestic battery and criminal mischief with more than $200 in property damage.

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Original Publication Date: October 21, 2015

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