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Kuna Dairy Likely Responsible for Sickness

Kuna Melba News of Kuna, Idaho

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Idaho health officials investigating eight reported illnesses in Southwest Idaho are likely attributing it to raw milk as likely source. Reported on Tuesday, October 20, four cases of Ecoli and four cases of Campylobacter have been reported by people who consumed raw milk from the Natural Farm Fresh Dairy in Kuna last week. The Southwest and Central District Health departments are working with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture on the investigation.

"If people have recently purchased raw milk from this dairy, we advise them not to drink it and to discard it," says Dr. Leslie Tengelsen, State Public Health Veterinarian with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Officials are working with the dairy to determine the actual source. The dairy is fully cooperating with the investigation and issued the following statement:

"Natural Farm Fresh is committed to providing a safe and wholesome product to its customers. Effective immediately, we are voluntarily removing all raw milk products currently on the shelves in retail stores and we will discontinue further distribution of our raw milk until additional product testing is completed."

People should inform themselves of possible health risks before consuming raw, unpasteurized dairy products or providing these products to family members, particularly those considered members of high risk groups. Those at higher risk of illness after consuming raw, unpasteurized milk include young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Common symptoms of acute Campylobacter infection include fever, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), abdominal pain, general discomfort, and vomiting. Symptoms often begin 2-5 days after consumption of contaminated foods and last for about a week in most people; in 20 percent of cases symptoms can last for up to three weeks. Symptoms of E. coli O157: H7 infection typically include stomach cramps and diarrhea, including bloody diarrhea. Symptoms often occur 3-4 days after exposure, but can be as short as 1 day and as long as 10 days. E. coli 0157: H7 infections sometimes lead to a serious complication called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which can cause kidney failure and can occur a week or more after the onset of diarrhea. People with any symptoms of illness after consuming unpasteurized milk from Natural Farm Fresh of Kuna should seek medical attention.

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Original Publication Date: October 21, 2015

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