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Gazette taken to task over letter, editorial

Cape Gazette of Lewes, Delaware

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I wanted you to know that I personally read and enjoy your paper; and have for many years. That is just why I have been concerned about a couple of the larger-scale comments in your paper about Dewey Beach. One was printed a few weeks ago in the letters to the editor column, and another Tuesday in your editorial column. In the letter you used a large font headline with the word Nazi. That letter then inferred the supposedly improper towing of a vehicle from a condo parking lot in Dewey. It also inferred that the town had allowed or ordered the towing. That inference was totally false. I took the time to check with town hall, and was assured that the town had nothing to do with that tow.

In the editorial you used the term bipolar while describing Dewey Beach. I sincerely beg to differ with you on both the use of such terminology and with the seeming intent of the editorial.

Through its elected and paid officials along with its business and residential communities, Dewey Beach has made a strong and sincere effort to come together for the benefit of all our stakeholders. To me, your editorial unfairly implied that the town illogically vacillates from one end of the spectrum to the other. You seemed to imply something negative about the fact that the town could be at present running a budgetary surplus, at the same time that one of our businessmen felt there was a need and bought a vehicle for the beach patrol.

Our town welcomes and encourages cooperation with both our residential and business communities. Whether it is a fireworks display by Highway One group, a piece of equipment donated to our beach patrol by Steve "Monty" Montgomery, a computer for the beach camera donated by the civic group Friends of Dewey, donations from a golf event sponsored by the Dewey Beach Lions Club, or a planting and cleanup event sponsored and organized by the Dewey Beach Civic League, absolutely all are welcomed by the town. If that cooperation seemed strange a few years ago when we ran a deficit, or seems strange now when, because of all the hard work of our town employees, we are in positive budgetary numbers, then so be it. I'll gladly accept that kind of strange.

Dewey Beach has always been happy to work toward being a well-organized town, while still being just a little bit different from the rest of the coastal municipalities. Like most towns, we've had our share of negative newspaper stories - some deserved, most not. But, we always end up working things out. There will always be those few in town who garner headlines by doing something foolish or by screaming against almost anything the town attempts. There will also always be the majority that works through things in a positive manner and pushes for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

I'll still happily await and read every edition of your paper. I only hope you will see fit to first call town hall to get clearer facts, and then use less inflamed verbiage when dealing with Dewey Beach. We are finally pulling together with most, for the advancement of all.

Commissioner Dale Cooke Dewey Beach

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Original Publication Date: July 15, 2016

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