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Getting to know your city council members

Silver State Post of Deer Lodge, Montana

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The largest issue that the City of Deer Lodge is currently facing according to City Councilman John Molendyke is with the infrastructure.

"I would say it's updating our infrastructure of our city and the future for the new waste water treatment facility. That's a big issue," he said.

The new waste water treatment facility is scheduled to be completed by 2015. Funding has already begun.

"We're working on a lot of grants and that type of thing to help us with this. We're talking millions of dollars before we're through. Each grant w.receive, it helps us to move forward one more step," he said.

The city is still looking for monies from both state and federal agencies.

Molendyke was born and raised in Anaconda. He graduated from Anaconda Central in 1967 and went on to Western Montana College from there where he received a bachelor of science degree in Secondary Education.

After college, Molendyke moved to Deer Lodge where he worked at the IGA store.

"A good friend of mine was the assistant manager," he said.

He worked at the IGA until 2001 when he decided to take a job working for the Wal-Mart bakery in Butte as a cake decorator.

"I wanted to do something different," he said.

In 2007, Molendyke decided to change careers again and take a job at the Montana State Prison.

"The reason was that a job opened up at the pnson and it's a lot cheaper to stay in townthan to travel to and from Butte," he said.

Molendyke is the bakery manager at the prison.

In the mid 90s, Molendyke, decided to join the Deer Lodge City Council.

"There was an opening and I was chosen by the council to fill that vacancy. There was someone who resigned and they (the council) needed to fill that chair," he said.

By that point in time, Molendyke had spent several years working the youth center and spent a lot of time at City Hall.

"I was a friend of the mayor at the time, Dick Labbe. He talked with me about it and I decided to do it. I was interested in what was going on," he said.

Shortly after he began, Molendyke had the option of opting out of the council, but he decided to run.

"I was interested in what was going on and I believed I could benefit the council by working with them," he said, "With each year I've been with the council, I acquire more knowledge, It's a continuing learning experience. The more knowledge I acquire, the more I can benefit the City of Deer Lodge.

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Original Publication Date: July 20, 2011

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