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Where is the value for money?

Dear Editor:

In these times of budget shortfalls I would like to ask some questions of our county commissioners.

Why did the Avon Dis trict of the Powell County Road Department spend countless man hours, thou sands of gallons of fuel, and use up large amounts of our gravel reserves fix ing a road that NorthWest ern Energy destroyed put ting an underground power line in for Montana Rail Link?

Was six miles of road re built on the taxpayers' dime or were we reimbursed?

Why are the different road departments not re quired to keep records of fuels used, road materials used and projects complet ed and in the works?

Why is the garbage from Helmville and Ovan do hauled to Missoula via Avon?

Why don't the road bosses enforce the DOT regulation of doing pre-trip inspections on the trucks their crews drive?

Why are the road bosses allowed to ignore any and all normal precautions tak en by most?

Why would a road boss say something as ignorant as this, in a safety meeting, "I like not being seen, this camouflage equipment is great."

This was said when the rest of the road workers in the world strive to be seen by the passing public.

The road bosses in Pow ell County write their own ticket. They come in when they want, leave when they want, and tell the commissioners what they want. Who's working for who?

Another question that begs asking, why is the Avon road boss allowed to make a junkyard in the middle of Avon on his and Montana Rail Link proper ties?

Is this why we rebuilt their road for them?

The taxpayers are being taken advantage of.

A job opening comes up in Powell County and the County Commissioners go out-of-town to fill it.

What's up with that? Are there no qualified candi dates in our gene pool who can drive a truck, or is it the people in Powell County know how Mickey Mouse things are around here and do not want anything to do with the backstreet politics that are practiced around here?

A snowplow driver who lives in Helena, are we going to send the plow home with him at night to make sure he can get over MacDonald Pass to his as signed routes in the morn ing?

Our road crews in Pow ell County are top heavy with management who has no supervision what-so-ever and this is another ex ample of their doing just as they please.

The road boss in Avon has built a junkyard in the middle of town contrary to local and state ordinances and no one will do anything about it.

The road boss in Deer Lodge could no more oper ate one of the belly dumps the county has than fly.

But, he doesn't need to because he's allowed to hire extra help whenever he chooses.

And on the subject how much more junk is Rem Mannix going to drag home so it can sit and rust?

Between him and Duane Hoxworth (Helmville road boss) we have junk sitting all over that we have no use for.

And when we get some one that wants to work, they insult and ridicule them because they are ram bunctious.

The road bosses (all three, gee why so many?) have no supervision and some of them are just riding their time until retirement.

We are facing many bud get shortfalls and it shows around Powell County.

Do we really need three road bosses?

Road bosses who mimic each other's actions and purchases to the point we are supplying four, yes four county shops with tools, electricity, and all the other costs that go with maintain ing a piece of real estate.

Three bosses for an eight man crew seems like over kill to me.

And, yes, I am a dis gruntled employee who was treated badly by the county.

People will tell you waste is just a part of gov ernment. I say that is a load of horse manure.

It is time to give the tax payers the service they pay for instead of the service the road bosses want to give you!

Jerry Brander


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Original Publication Date: September 11, 2013

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