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September 25, 1959 Riot repercussions felt in Powell

Silver State Post of Deer Lodge, Montana

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A look back

What happened in 1959? Alaska was admitted into the Union, becoming the 49th state. "Rawhide," starring a young Clint Eastwood, premiered on TV. The Barbie doll first went on sale. The Vatican forbade Roman Catholics from voting for Communists in edict. The first Grammy awards were held, in which Perry Como and Ella Fitzgerald won awards. Japanese-Americans gained their citizenship (after losing them during WWII). Bob Dylan graduated from Hibbing High School in Minnesota. The St. Lawrence Seaway was opened, bringing international trade into northern ports. Hawaii became the 50th state, had elections and thus sent the first Asian Americans into Congress. Explorer 6 transmitted the first photo of Earth from space. Meanwhile, in Powell County...

Decline in rail freight traffic, steel shortages due to extended strike cited by Milwaukee as causes for reduction

Effects of the steel strike through reduced freight traffic volume and shortages of materials used in freight car repairing combined to force a reduction of 400 in the mechanical department employees of the Milwaukee Road, F. G. McGuinn, vice president in charge of operations, announced this week in Chicago.

The action affects principally car department employees at the railroad's main ships in Milwaukee. Also affected are a few employees in other mechanical department groups located in Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Paul, Tacoma and Deer Lodge.

S. E. Herzog, superintendent of the Rocky Mountain division, said that in Deer Lodge 10 men have been furloughed as a result of the steel strike. There was a reduction of two in the car department and eight in the locomotive department - two machinists, one machinist helper, two laborers, one electrician, one electrician helper and one blacksmith.

There were no other reductions in the division at this time; however earlier in the month the locomotive department in Harlowtown was reorganized to work two shifts per day instead of three.

Mr. McGuinn pointed out that the reduction comes at a time when the road's intensive car repair program, which has been carried forward by a full complement of car department employees since the first of the year, is virtually complete. The balance of the program will be carried on to the extent that steel becomes available.

Judge imposes 15-year sentence on Randall for his part in April prison riot

Fifteen years at hard labor in Montana State Prison was the sentence imposed upon John Roger Randall on Wednesday by Judge Phil C. Duncan of Dillon who presided over the trial during the previous week. A jury of 11 women and one man was unanimous in finding the convict guilty of kidnapping with intent to secretly confine prison guard Lawrence Cozzens during the April prison riot but recommended leniency when the judge fixed sentence.

The minimum sentence that the judge could have imposed was 10 years since Randall had previously served time in the Wyoming penitentiary and was on his second stretch at MSP which was five years for forgery in Valley County.

Another jury on Tuesday found Jerry Al Walker, 20, also guilty on a similar charge and Judge Sid Stewart will pronounce sentence next Thursday.

Walker was charged with kidnapping guard Ervin F. Sieler and using a knife to persuade him to surrender keys to the prison. At the time of the riot, Walker was serving a three and a one-half year sentence for grand larceny in Park County.

Serving on the jury were Harry A. Jacobson, Woodrow Nielson, Alice E. Meyers, Hugh J. Geary, Lucille Scharf, Charlotte Tooke, Orville Persons, Shirley Wilson, Carl Benson, Mary Jane Hamblin, Marjorie Beck and Herman Jacobson.

On Oct. 5 County Attorney Malcolm MacCalman will begin prosecution for the state of the first degree murder charge against convict Donald H. Toms. The case will be tried in Great Falls and Mr. MacCalman said the Cascade county attorney will assist him.

Livestock grading demonstrations to be conducted here

Livestock grading demonstrations will be conducted by Paul Oreutt, extension livestock specialist, on Thursday at the Kenneth and W. E. Schurch ranch, six miles southeast of Deer Lodge on Peterson creek. The Schurch herd will be graded for performance testing and will afford local livestock growers an opportunity to witness a grading demonstration in the Deer Lodge area.

The purpose of performance testing is to improve quality and confirmation in the breeding herd, said Garth Percival, Powell County agent. Records of calves' weight at weaning time are necessary in addition to some identification, brand, ear tag, etc. More calves, better and bigger calves have resulted from this program, he said.

On Friday a feeder cattle market grading demonstration will be held at the Wales ranch near Helmville. A discussion will be held on the prices and marketings of feeding cattle during various seasons and on selection of cattle according to feeder grades.

All livestock men are invited to attend both demonstrations which will start at 1 p.m., said the agent.

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