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Anarchist graffiti appears in town

Silver State Post of Deer Lodge, Montana

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No fewer than three separate spots in Deer Lodge have been defaced with graffiti in recent days, much to the chagrin of some local residents.

The simple shape, as highlighted above, is a well-known symbol of the Anarchistic movement with the "message" appearing in a plethora of spots across the world.

With the unappealing sight of the graffiti still visible throughout town, one local resident vented his fury when he spoke with the Silver State Post by telephone last Friday lunchtime:

"It is a terrible eyesore, something Deer Lodge does not need anymore of," John

White told this periodical.

"Why did these people find the need to do this? It looks bad for all of us. It represents a terrible message for people who drive through this town, especially."

Asked if he could fathom a reason for this graffiti appearing out of the blue, Mr White was at a loss:

"I wish I did know (who was responsible) but I hope that is the last of it we see. Maybe it was some passing people, but that does not seem right to me.

"I just hope if someone does try this again then they will be caught by the local police."

These sentiments were shared by another Powell County resident, Barbara Collins:

"I hope they (the police) finds out who did this. It is vandalism and it has no place in our town," she bemoaned in a conversation with this newspaper.

"I have no idea who is responsible but we cannot allow things like this to happen here. It reflects very badly on Deer Lodge as a town and as a community. The sooner they find the culprits, the better!"

What are your opinions on the anarchistic graffiti in town? Do you, also, believe that it represents a negative image of Deer Lodge to others? Share your views with the Silver State Post via email ( or by coming into our offices on 312 Missouri Avenue in the center of town.

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Original Publication Date: September 24, 2014

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