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This town was in mourning around this time last year.

We were all in a state of shock as two strong and popular women departed this earth and community in 2012.

Both Rosie Hertel and Tina Schowengerdt's absences are still felt to this day but their legacies live long.

This weekend will bring the annual Christmas Stroll to Deer Lodge.

A festival of lights, music, fun and entertainment will be sure to put smiles on the faces of people who were stunned and solemn 12 months ago.

Tina, especially, was an integral figure in such town wide events and her face and persona will be sorely missed when the action takes place this Saturday.

Life does go on but at certain times of year, especially ahead of this first anniversary, we often find ourselves looking back and wondering: What if and why?

We know their characters and demeanor can never be repeated. No-one will come close to what they brought to our town and lives. Even those who barely knew Rosie and Tina could not have failed to be touched by their passing.

While our emotions are not as raw as they once were, it would be inconceivable to not think about them as we are surrounded by friends and family this Saturday.

May this year's Christmas Stroll be dedicated to Rosie Hertel and Tina Schowengerdt.

What better way to pay tribute to these immense ladies, especially around this time of year?

Their legacies live long

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Original Publication Date: December 4, 2013

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