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Turn in your volunteer kours

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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Cambridge Senior Chatter

As I was driving in this morning to exercise class, I noticed that gas is finally below the $2 mark in Cambridge! Maybe it's time to take a road trip. I have had several requests for an overnight trip to Jackpot, which would be one option, or there are the famous Shoshone Falls (which I've never seen) as well as other attractions that might be interesting. Submit your ideas and lets kick them around a bit and see what we come up with as a fun outing for say sometime in March/April time frame.

It's almost the end of January, so its time for me to start putting together month end reports. If you have any volunteer hours to be reported please submit them to me. Examples of volunteer hours are time spent working here at the center at a variety of tasks: care assistance, including visitations, phone calling and respite; Meals on Wheels or Medicare counseling through SHIBA.

Other areas are: Volunteering at schools, libraries, museums, Community service work, Chamber of Commerce, non profit Fund raisers, hospitals, music and entertainment, community clean up, conservation, environment, Neighborhood watch and Transportation. Anything you volunteer your time for in these categories can go a long way in helping senior services programs by counting as a "Match" for government funds when satisfying grant requirements. These hours are important, so if you can, please keep track of what you do and write it on a sheet of paper (forms are in the blue accordion file on the front table) and leave it in the blue accordion file. I have been tracking kitchen volunteers, but I don't track other hours, so if you can please help by filling out the forms....

This year's board officers are as follows: President, Ed Hargis (253-4511); Vice President, Shirley Atteberry (257-3562); Secretary, Lynda Yoder (257-3378) and Treasurer, Karen Atteberry (257-4559). Jeri Bemis (257-3817) and Paul Radasch (355-2276) are general board members. Charlie Caruso resigned as Treasurer, so we still have one more board position to fill by appointment for Charlie's remaining term, which if memory serves me right is until the end of 2015. If any of you have a burning desire to serve, please contact any of the board officers to let them know your interest.

Next month, our monthly shopping trip to Ontario will be on Tuesday, February 10th, and our Board of Directors meets on Wednesday, February 11th at 10:00 AM in the US Bank building. Tuesday, February 24th is the date of next month's foot clinic and Wednesday, February 25th is our blood pressure clinic day.

Don't forget we also have Pinochle tournaments every Monday and Friday evening from 6:30 to 9 PM and exercise class from 10 to 11:30 AM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And, last, but not least the food pantry will be open from 2 to 3 PM on Wednesday, February 4th!

I hope you have had a great week. Until the next time, I hope you are happy and healthy.

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Original Publication Date: January 28, 2015

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