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Another FS fiasco

Dear Editor,

I will have to compliment the U.S.F.S. on the three logging jobs behind my house. As far as tree spacing and the general look of the land, it looks good, but several things hit a sour note, consequently I believe that they had two things in mind.

#1 - They closed all the secondary roads, which in turn denied all motorized access, which includes everyone who cannot walk and must have a motorized vehicle to enjoy the forest. I thought this was multiple use public land. Or is there no such thing as multiple use land anymore? However we must pay our taxes or go to jail. Somehow this does not seem fair to me; pay your taxes yet get nothing in return. By closing the roads they also denied emergency vehicle access, which includes fire engines to put out forest fires.

#2 - They put all skid roads back to the original slope and then filled them with old logs and trash. What could have been a fire break just became a conductor, as the logs will burn, leading the fire across the trail. If a fire gets started, which it will eventually, the area is designed to burn uncontrolled unless they can get a helicopter, which might not available. What I have seen of fighting a fire from the air is a terrible waste of tax payer dollars, when if the roads were open it could probably be done by a fire engine with a lots less money spent. However the U.S.F.S. and other forms of our government are designed for one thing: waste tax payers money and line their own pockets.

Yes the U.S.F.S. is our forest and our local economy worst enemy, no exceptions!

Leonard Wallace New Meadows

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Original Publication Date: December 3, 2014

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