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School board and school committee seeks patron input on schools

The Aberdeen Times of Aberdeen, Idaho

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The Aberdeen School board and administrators have developed an initial assessment of current and potential future needs in the district. They have also formed a committee of community members to further develop that vision for the future by speaking with their neighbors and friends. Moving forward means we must take a strategic approach and take several things into consideration as follows:

Currently our schools are being maintained very well, however they are getting old. Our newest building, Aberdeen Middle School, was built in 2005 making it 10 years old. Aberdeen Elementary School was built in 1976 making it 39 years old, and Aberdeen High School was originally built in 1951 making it 64 years old. The high school was first renovated in 1968 when they added the agriculture shop and the auto shop. In 1988 a major remodel was done to the high school athletic wing and auditorium.

The patrons of Aberdeen School District have shown support throughout the years in providing an excellent education for students. Now, as the district nears its final bond payment on the middle school in 2017, the school board, administration, and committee feel that future development must take into consideration achieving the vision with the appropriate funding. It is also the desire of the committee to continue to provide an excellent school system with as little change in cost to the patrons as possible.

The number one focus is to upgrade and maintain the classrooms to meet the constant changes needed for technology, safety, and student achievement. Based on initial input, it is felt the high school should be the major focus. Renovations may include new wiring to support the need of two computer labs, new heating and air conditioning systems for the entire building and due to larger student class sizes of 28-35 students (currently rooms accommodate 18-25) enlarged classrooms. Also, based on initial community input, the following were discussed for consideration: a) a new vocational center b) renovations to the wrestling and weight room and c) whereas the school district is also the center of community involvement — a practice gym and auditorium.

Although it is difficult to meet the desires of everyone, and due to limited finances, the goal is to upgrade the high school in a way that will serve the students for many years. As the committee is in the first stages of reviewing the needs and wants of the community, patron input is still being welcomed. Please feel free to contact Irene Barrett, Aimee Elliott, Conan Feld, Daryl Klassen, Jennicca Knittle, LuAnn Lankford, Sarah Peck, Mike Petersen, Debbie Schritter, Teresa Torres, and David Wahlen. Herb Bohrer and Jane Ward are also available to answer any questions. As the committee progresses through the strategic steps and scope of this project they look forward to continued input from the patrons. This input is critical to creating a common and shared futuristic vision for the district and community.

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Original Publication Date: June 3, 2015

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