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Herb Bohrer, chairman of the Aberdeen School District Board, gave the opening remarks for Aberdeen graduation held Thursday, May 28. He thanked everyone along the 'assembly line' who helped the seniors to reach the point of graduation through work, teaching and by being an example. He congratulated the seniors and all those who helped them for their hard work.

Valedictorians Madison Behrend and Tony Lemos with Salutatorian Taylor Vaughn reminisced about their school year. Winning first place for the boys' golf team, music awards and musical, and academic awards were some of the accomplishments that happened. They thanked their teachers, telling little things that made them special to the students. They also thanked their moms and dads. Taylor Vaughn told the audience that his mom kept telling the family he was first in his class, together they stated that their mom was one of the reasons they succeeded in school. Madison talked about her father teaching her the art of sarcasm and about pop culture. Tony thanked his family and friends in Spanish for their help in him reaching his goals. They finished with the quote "Take what you have learned and you can do extraordinary things."

Class President Ethan Simonson introduced the guest speaker for the night. He told the audience that Connie Cornforth had worked in the school district for 35 years as the middle school secretary, atheletic director and several others assignments. She was the glue that held the school together. She will officially retire after this school year finishes.

"You are good looking young men and women," stated Cornforth. "I was told this at my high school graduation' years ago by Principal Inman. I agree with him. This graduating class is a group of good-looking young men and women." Cornforth said she was honored to speak and told tidbits about each graduating senior.

Apparently, Tony Lemos dressed like a skunk while in kindergarten. Breanna Duffin couldn't make the perfect paper airplane. Rylan Beck just couldn't fit in the new desk with the chair attached. Alexis Carrasco liked to sing constantly. Taylor Vaughn forgot to take his contacts out and put in another pair. Casey Krom is small in stature but not in vocabulary. Chandler Foster garnered a nickname from Mr. Ingersoll of 'Oscar'. Jacob Larsen is well known for his high fives and knuckle bumps.

She told the story about one day in the office where some of them were taking selfies and generally having fun. Unfortunately, they were just a little noisy so I had to tell them, "I love you but your out of here." So finally, "I love you but your out of here."

Aberdeen High School Principal Travis Pincock handed out awards to the seniors who had made a difference in the school and community. Ethan Simonson was given the service award. Tony Lemos received the citizenship award. Champion characters awards were given to Oscar Klassen and Madison Behrend.

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Original Publication Date: June 3, 2015

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