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Delta Energy agrees to settle personal properly value suit

The Montmorency County Tribune of Atlanta, Michigan

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Both sides have signed the stipulation in the case against Delta Energy, and the paperwork is now before a judge for the State Tax Tribunal. Delta has agreed to settle in the suit that claimed the company underreported personal property values.

At the regular county commission meeting, Oct. 28, Kevin Keller, equalization director, said the county board took a chance on letting him pursue the lawsuit.

"The bottom line is this is a very good deal for us," Keller told the board. "The sense of relief to me is unbelievable."

The original case involved reporting years 2011-2013. A spreadsheet created by Keller reflects the settlement figures and how they affect years 2011-2015. For comparison, the total value for personal property tax reported in 2010 for 119 wells in Briley Township was $74,100. The value established for 2011 is $825,000. The figure levels out at about $750,000 beginning in 2013 because of depreciation and the reduction of two wells.

Keller also reported on the Consumer Price Index. The maximum the taxable value will go up this year for an individual parcel with no new construction and that has not been transferred is three tenths of one percent.

"At least it was an increase. It was very close to being a decrease," Keller said.

In another matter, the board voted in favor of continuing to pay Elk Country Animal Shelter a flat annual fee of $3,900 instead of increasing it to $4,800 as requested. Commissioners Thornton and Jim Chapman voted against the motion to continue at the same rate.

The shelter recently received a $10,000 grant for an addition that will provide for more storage. Chapman commended the shelter for seeking funding from outside sources. Thornton pointed out the county has received some reimbursement for court-ordered lodging of animals, which is out of the control of shelter administrators.

The shelter employs one full-time director and three part-time workers. In addition to the annual flat fee, the county pays $ 10 for each animal lodged per a court order.

In other business:

A motion passed in favor of terminating an agreement with Maximus for services performed for the prosecutor's office and entering into an agreement with MGT of America instead.

Community Financial will present a banking proposal at an upcoming finance committee meeting.

The board accepted a three-year bid from Straley Lamp & Kraenzlein P.C. for conducting the audit.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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