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A customer who wants organic products says thanks to Smith's

The Independent of Edgewood, New Mexico

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I can't say enough thank yous to Smith's grocery store in Edge wood, but i'll attempt it. This store just rearranged everything because it added organic products in every department. Okay that really annoyed me because I can't find anything but they had a good reason.

Many people, like me, are concerned about the rampant use of genetically altered organisms, which are usually called GMOs, in food products without labeling. Companies that sell in Europe are required to label GMOs there and even when they have the same product here they don't label GMOs for Americans, even American companies.

Some people don't care if they eat GMOs, and it takes all kinds to make up this wonderful world we live in. I'm not here to tell you what to eat or what not to eat, but when it comes to meals that I prepare and my family consumes, I want to know what's in it. The move to label GMOs, which is very popular with consumers, is thwarted at every turn by big agribusiness companies who know that their sales will go down if people actually know what is in their products.

With more and more crazy items on the horizon, like an apple that will never turn brown, consumers like me want the option of choosing what I and many others feel is a healthier product for ourselves and our children.

Well, the big giants don't want to label GMOs. We know this. But guess what? The organic standard of the USDA does not allow GMOs. So if you want to avoid them, you have to buy organic as much as possible. Until recently, however, that would have required a drive into Albuquerque to somewhere like La Montanita Co-op.

But now, at Smith's in Edge wood, you can find organic products on almost every shelf, and the prices are not out of hand. They are higher than conventional products but they are not out of reach. I have read that the Kroger Corp. is responding to the desires of its customers in this increase of organic food.

I am one happy Smith's customer. Thank you for taking what I want to buy into consideration. Thank you for showing me the power of where I spend my dollar. Thank you for giving me another way to spend my money in Edge wood instead of driving my dollars into Albuquerque To my neighbors in Edge wood and the surrounding communities. The way that we can best thank this company is by going into the store and spending your dollars on organic produce and other foods! If labels can be required in Europe, they can be required here. If the labeling in Europe hasn't caused those companies to go out of business there, it won't cause them to go out of business here. The idea that it's too expensive is an industry lie. Thank you again, Smith's.

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Original Publication Date: March 11, 2015

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