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Since it is early in the campaign I decided to take a little time off since I was not invited to participate in the recent debates. We decided to visit a couple of our kids and grand-kids. Best Friend and I spent a night at our son Jason's place at Detroit Lakes, and the next day motored out to Dickinson, ND to visit Jeff, Erin and the grandsons. It is a long drive, but it is well worth it. We had a great time with them, and the weather was perfect.

When we got there Jeff and Erin had to work at Jeff's church's food stand at a downtown night out type get together that is held every week during the summer. They have great live entertainment and a variety of typical and ethnic foods. One of the entertainers was a 14 year old girl who sang and accompanied herself on the guitar. She had an amazing voice and I would suspect we all may some day see her on The Voice or in Nashville.

Another amazing group was several young girls performing a Cirque du Soleil type of acrobatic act. I only got to see a little bit of it, but they were really fantastic. Those people out there really know how to have fun. Despite being in the middle of the Bakken Oil Field, life out there is much more laid back. Of course they are quite literally in a different time zone, which throws off our eating schedule. But I just nibble a lot more.

Friday we spent the afternoon and evening at Medora, and one of my favorite photo sites, the North Dakota Badlands at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Some times when hiking various points it gives me a chill to think at some of those spots Teddy Roosevelt might have stood and viewed the majesty of that place where I was standing. Roosevelt once said "had it not been for my experiences in the Badlands I might never have become president." I hope with my not probable quest, I might be able to say the same thing some day. I do know this, no matter what, with all my trips to the Badlands, I feel I have benefitted as a person because of it.

On Saturday afternoon Jeff and I played a round of golf at the South Heart Golf Club. It was the first time this year for both of us, so things did not go well for me, Jeff had a respectable round though. I guess when you only play three or four times a year you can't expect to get very good at it.

It was a fun weekend, but for me it's back to the campaign trail.

Have a great week and do good!

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Original Publication Date: August 12, 2015

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