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Charger Notes

By Loy Woelber

Greetings from WWG Schools, As you are reading this Homecoming week is upon us and it is yet again another wonderful one at WWG. The students are adjusting well to another year and we are really taking good care of our new 7th graders. The more that we can help them adjust to the new building and class schedule the more we can count on them to have success in the classroom as well as the activities.

I am so proud of our new hires and assignments! Our pep band has everyone's jaw dropping when they play and our choir is sounding great. I walked into Mr. Olson in Walnut Grove last week coming down the hallway with a big grin and he was very impressed with our elementary music and Mr. Luke Nelson "coming home."

The 3 new and friendly faces that you are seeing at EVERY event are our new hires in math and social science! They are amazing in the classroom and are fitting in quite well with our current staff. The community and kids have really appreciated how these young ladies have come out and supported the kids and have "put themselves out there" for everyone to meet.

Rounding up the changes, we have Marcia Erickson using her expertise and experience to continue to make a big difference teaching our ELL students in Westbrook. Jim Blahnik has stepped right in to Lori Lee's special education role and is doing a wonderful job! We owe a big thank you to Paula Byers and Joyce Madson for filling in for Adrienne Kletcher while on maternity. In Walnut Grove, we have Wendy Rogotzke stepping in to assist in our special education department. We have hired new paraprofessionals that have great work ethics and big hearts!

With that said, WWG is very lucky to continue having great employees that are there for students and love living in the small town. I hope we can all continue to have success in our school in all areas as we face the changing student population, Government mandates and limited budgets due to enrollment losses.

We are asking that each and every one of you take the time on Election Day November 3 from 5-8 p.m. at the Westbrook OR the Walnut Grove School. Please mark your calendar and take the time to vote even if it's your first time or if you are new to town. We need everyone to take time to vote and to get informed about what is at stake in our district. I have been and will be visiting with many different groups of patrons and would love to speak to any gathering or any individual in the district for that matter until the day of the election. I also plan on some door to door evening walks in order to get the word out to everyone that this is an important vote in our district. We wouldn't ask for extra levy dollars if we didn't need it and we will continue to be great stewards of your tax dollars while providing many opportunities for our kids!

Thank you for your support.

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Original Publication Date: September 23, 2015

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