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United, in spite of differences

The Adams County Record of Council, Idaho

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The Pastor's Corner

As the Church, we are called to do the works of God and bring glory unto God. As people of God, we have to push aside all differences that may arise due to our different understandings of Faith and of Scripture in order to come together and do the Will and the works of Jesus Christ as taught by Jesus Christ...the essential ingredient being Love, as expressed and practiced by our Lord!

One of things I appreciate most about being Christian is that we make it a point to be understanding and loving of everyone regardless of their ethnicity, background, behaviors, even their beliefs and religious background. We do that WHEN we have, "Open Hearts and Open Minds." It is because of this openness we believe that by coming together, as one unified group of people, we can have a larger impact in helping to mend a broken world.

Hopefully, by coming together, it shows that, despite our differences, we all see the need for change, and we are willing to seek that change together. Despite our differences in doctrine, we are all connected by our desire to serve.

It is through our faith that we see and recognize that we are ALL God's people and have to work together to accomplish God's Will. Indeed, it is our faith that leads us to this understanding and allows us to grow and work together. Yes, despite our differences in religious understanding, or even a lack of religion, we all have at least two goals: social justice and human rights.

I ask you all to think about and consider exactly what Social Justice and Human Rights means to you and then ask yourself how you can participate in accomplishing those goals.

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Original Publication Date: September 9, 2015

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