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Zika virus information shared in new DNREC YouTube Channel video

Cape Gazette of Lewes, Delaware

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DNREC's Mosquito Control Section and the Delaware Division of Public Health share tips on mosquito-borne illness prevention and precautions in a new video, "Zika Virus, Mosquitoes and You," on DNREC's YouTube Channel. Public Health Director Dr. Karyl Rattay and Mosquito Control Section Biologist Thomas Moran talk about the Zika virus, including how it is spread.

In the video, Rattay urges bite prevention as the best medicine. "First and foremost, use an EPA-certified insect repellent. Stay inside where it's air-conditioned, or use screens in windows or doors. Wear long sleeves. Wear long pants," she says. Rattay also goes into detail about protecting children from mosquito bites, how best to apply repellent to children and using mosquito netting, not repellent on babies less than 2 months old.

Delawareans also are encouraged to be proactive in their own backyards to eliminate or reduce mosquito breeding habitat by eliminating standing water. "Anything in the backyard that holds water can breed the primary species of concern that could carry Zika, the Asian tiger mosquito... These mosquitoes can breed in extremely small habitats-we're talking a bottle cap," Moran says in the video. "If you can eliminate the containers to begin with, that's the best option. If not, they need to be emptied regularly and kept from accumulating water."

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Original Publication Date: June 17, 2016

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