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Fiscal Court agrees to make communication improvements

Hart Countys Newspaper News Herald of Horse Cave, Kentucky

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The Hart Fiscal Court, meeting in regular session Thursday, August 7, agreed to spend $74,101.80 to improve the law enforcement communication system in the county. Judge/Executive Terry Martin explained that law enforcement was not able to communicate in some areas of the county and was sharing the fire department frequency as a means of communicating.

The county will purchase a law enforcement frequency channel and repeater units for Horse Cave, Bonnieville, Lin-wood and Cub Run to improve communications for law enforcement.

Additionally, the Court agreed to pay a fee of $12,400 for communication improvements involving the moving of current equipment and the installation of a new tower at Lin wood, with most of the work being done by Kidd Communications LLC.

Tax rate

The Court held the first reading of an ordinance setting the 2014-2015 tax rate. The county will take the real property compensating rate of 10.6%, the water craft rate of 12.0% and the motor vehicle rate of 12.0%, the same as last year.

The real property compensating rate will yield $692,200 approximately the same as last year. The Court was allowed to take a 4% increase in revenue with a hearing and no recall. This would yield $718,321.

The second and final reading of the tax rate will take place at the Court's next meeting on August 21.

The Court approved the Sheriff's 2013 tax settlement.


The Court agreed to renew its contract with the Edmonson County Animal Shelter at Bee Spring. The shelter takes stray dogs from the residents of the county and dogs forfeited by their owners for a fee paid by the person presenting the animals at the shelter. Cats will be accepted at the shelter when space allows with a fee to be paid by the person(s) presenting the animals at the shelter.

The shelter is responsible for providing the county with a dog warden who picks up stray dogs and transports them to the shelter.

The annual fee for the shelter services is $30,000.


Road Supervisor Larry Bunch provided the Court with the road report, which included shoulder or ditch work on the Chuck A Luck Road, mowing and boom mowing in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th districts, road repair with chip and seal in the 4th and 5th districts, sign repair or replacement on seven roads and tile replacement or repair on four roads.

The Court approved the second reading of ordinances setting a 25 mph speed limit on the John Hornback Rd. and a 15 mph speed limit on the Gossip Hill Road.


Jailer Keith Riordan gave the jail report which included 42 class D's, 35 class C's, 10 alternate sentencing, six controlled intake, five parole violators, 15 Edmonson Co. inmates and 36 Hart Co. prisoners.


The Court accepted the resignation of Attorney Matt Roberts from the Planning Commission and approved David Paige to a term on the Commission ending December 2018.

The Court approved updates on the personnel policy recommended by the personnel committee. They included the probation period for health insurance will end on the first day of the second month following full time hire date. Also, employees of the county who work the election polls can take a vacation day with pay, and also get paid for working the polls.

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Original Publication Date: August 14, 2014

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