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Junior Livestock Show puts Knox County youth in spotlight

The Munday Courier of Munday, Texas

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This past weekend the newly insulated Brazos Valley Young Farmers Barn in Munday was filled with excitement as exhibitors from all over Knox County came to show case their animal projects. Occupying the barns this year were 85 hogs, 6 lambs, 25 goats, 3 steers, 4 pens of rabbits, and 8 pens of broilers. The judging began on Friday with the broilers and rabbits by retired Agricultural Science Teacher from Seymour, Ed Blankenship. Following the broilers and rabbits were the lambs and goats in which David Farquhar; Throckmorton Agricultural Science Teacher was the judge for. On Saturday the show continued as David Farquhar classed swine in the morning followed by the steers in the afternoon. The bidding started around 2:00 for the premium sale as crowds of local businesses and individuals filled the stands to place bids on the exhibitors. All exhibitors did a tremendous job preparing their animals months in advance for this past weekend and should be commended on their work. Many volunteers helped to get the barn and staging area ready for this year's show. Individual results in the categories listed were:

POULTRY SHOW - Broilers - 1. Christian Abila,

Grand Champion; 2. Michael Wilburn, Reserve Grand

Champion; 3. & 4. M.J. Abila; 5. Michael Wilburn; 6.

Ryan Ledesma, Sr. Showmanship; 7. Ryan Ledesma; 8.

Christian Abila, Jr. Showmanship.

RABBIT SHOW - Pen of Three Fryers - 1. Sonora

Escamilla, Grand champion; 2. Rebecca Rodriguez, Reserve Grand Champion; 3. Rebecca Rodriguez, Jr. Showmanship; 4. Brady Finley.

Single Fryer - 1. Sonora Escamilla, Grand, Champion; 2. Brady Finley, Reserve Grand Champion.

LAMB SHOW - Medium Wool - 1. Kristen Kuehler, Reserve Grand Champion; 2. Brooke Jones.

Medium Wool Cross - 1. Kristen Kuehler, Grand Champion, Jr. Showmanship; 2. Blake Jones, Sr. Showmanship; 3. Brooke Jones; 4. Blake Jones.

GOAT SHOW - Lt. Wt. Market Goats - 1. Brogan white; 2. & 3. Brylee White; 4. Brogan White.

Lt. Med. Wt. Market Goats -1. Brylee White; 2. Austin Smith; 3. Brylee White; 4. Brogan White; 5. Jonathan Rainwater; 6. Weldon Fitzgerald.

Med. Wt. Market Goats. 1. Brogan White, Grand Champion; 2. Brylee White; 3. Bandy Moeller, Sr. Showmanship; 4. Justin Rainwater; 5. Heath Welch.

Lt. Hvy. Wt. Market Goats. 1. Brogan White, Reserve Grand Champion;

2. Parker Finley; 3. Tanna Moeller, Jr. Showmanship; 4. Holly Wilson; 5. Peyton Byers; 6. Skylin Ledesma.

Hvy. Wt. Market Goats, 1. Heath Welch; 2. Parker Finley; 3. Mason Shipp; 4. Lane Byers.

SWINE SHOW - Berkshire, 1. Zach Shaver, Breed Champion; 2. Callie Cude, Reserve Breed Champion; 3. Cody Propps; 4. Landon Lynn, 5. Preston Lynn.

Chester White. 1. Kristen Kuehler, Breed Champion; 2. Shannon Reeves, Reserve Breed Champion; 3. M.J. Abila; 4. Chase Wilson.

Lt.Wt.Duroc. 1. Alexia Jimenez, Reserve Breed Champion; 2. Britney Gonzales; 3. Sheldon Baty; 4. LaQuita Roberson; 5. Lyndon Baty; 6. Jaylon Roberson.

Hvy. Wt. Duroc. 1. Tori Everson, Breed Champion; 2. Katelyn Baker; 3. Payne Stanfield; 4. Alexia Jimenez; 5. Katelyn Brown; 6. Skylin Ledesma; 7. Lyndon Baty.

Lt. Wt. Hampshire. 1. Kolbey Brown, Reserve Breed Champion; 2. Rocky Smith; 3. Callie Cude; 4. Madison Thompson; 5. Cody Propps; 6. Bandy Moeller; 7. Reagan Clark.

Med. Wt. Hampshire. 1. Bandy Moeller; 2. LaQuita Roberson; 3. Tori Everson; 4. Toni Brown; 5. Christian Abila; 6. Tylynn Eaton; 7. Dustin Ledesma; 8. Jarek Wilde; 9. Rocky Smith.

Hvy. Wt. Hampshire. 1. Shannon Reeves, Breed Champion; 2. Sierra Boyd; 3. William Moorehouse;

4. Christian Abila; 5. Ryder Dillard. 6. Jaylon Roberson; 7. Alexia Jimenez. 8. M.J. Abila.

Poland. 1. Conner Whitaker, Breed Champion, Jr. Showmanship; 2. TJ. Moore, Reserve Breed Champion; 3. Katelyn Brown; 4. Sheldon Baty.

Lt.Wt. Spot. 1. Katelyn Baker; 2. William Moorehouse; 3. Melissa Rogers; 4. Lyndon Baty.

Hvy. Wt. Spot. 1. Skylin Ledesma, Breed Champion; 2. Kendall Thompson, Reserve Breed Champion; 3. Whitney Collins; 4. Brittney Gonzales.

Yorkshire. 1. Bandy Moeller, Breed Champion; 2. Shannon Reeves, Reserve Breed Champion; 3. Kendall Thompson; 4. Jade Brown; 5. Taylor Wilson; 6. Ty Baker.

Lt. Wt. Cross. 1. Kendall Thompson; 2. Chase Wilson; 3. Jade Brown; 4. LaQuita Roberson; 5. Kolbey Brown; 6. Lori Sepeda; 7. Sierra Boyd; 8. Cheyenne Roberson.

Med. Wt. Cross. 1. Austin Valimont; 2. Tanna Moeller; 3. & 4. Cody Propps; 5. Shannon Reeves, Sr. Showmanship; 6. Jordan Eaton; 7. Lori Sepeda.

Hvy. Wt. Cross. 1. Tanna Moeller, Breed Champion, Grand Champion; 2. Kristen Kuehler, Reserve Breed Champion, Reserve Grand Champion; 3. Rocky Smith; 4. Trey Ledesma; 5. Elissa Sepeda; 6. Caleb Barrientez; 7. Madison Thompson.

STEER SHOW. 1. Logan Groves, Grand Champion; Sr. Showmanship; 2. Grace Tidwell, Reserve Grand Champion, Jr. Showmanship 3. Trey Tidwell.

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Original Publication Date: January 20, 2010

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